Publisher Spotlight September: Renegade Game Studios

Nelly Steiner Mox Spotlight

We are in our last month of summer and school is starting again. That means board game season is coming!

Our Publisher Spotlight this month is Renegade Game Studios. They publish a diverse, fun, and popular catalog of games ranging from role playing games and board games to digital games. Some of their most exciting and popular titles include Kids on Bikes, Clank, and Lanterns.

About Renegade Game Studios

Scott Gaeta founded the Renegade Game Studios in in 2014 in San Diego CA. He had over 20 years of industry experience before founding Renegade Games, during which he opened his own game store, co -founded Cryptozoic Entertainment, and held the position of Senior Director at Upper Deck Entertainment. With all that experience under his belt Renegade Studios immediately exploded onto the board gaming scene with award winning games. They have a simple mission: to publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique.

Whats happening this month?

Visit us any time this month for demos of Renegade games! If you haven’t tried Clank! you are missing out. It’s a deck building game in which you dive deeper and deeper into a mountain guarded by a dragon to find better and better treasure. Be quick and quiet so to not draw attention from the dragon.

All month we will be offering 10% off all Renegade Game Studios titles and our expert staff will be around to match the perfect game to your tastes.

See you at Mox