• Mox Spotlight December: Staff Picks
    • Dec 1st 2023
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight December: Staff Picks

    Time flies when you’re having fun, and since we’re all about fun it turns out it’s already December! We’re going to switch things up a little for this holiday season, and rather than pick a publisher to highlight, we’ve asked your friendly local Mox team members to pick their favorite games to feature. As always, you can get 10% off all these titles this month and given how varied your local Mox workers' tastes are, you’ll be able to find something here for everyone on your list!Expeditions - Ironclad (Recommended by James at Mox Seattle)60-90 minutes | 1-5 Players | 14+Go on a thrilling journey with 'Expeditions,' set in the Scythe universe, exploring Siberia after a meteorite crash near the Tunguska River. Led by Dr. Tarkovsky, expeditions unravel ancient corruption in the taiga. Heroes