Mox Spotlight December: Staff Picks
  • Dec 1st 2021
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox Spotlight December: Staff Picks

As per tradition, in December, we always shake things up a little bit from our regular Mox Spotlight routine. Rather than choosing one specific publisher, we shift the spotlight to highlighting our favorite games. We asked our staff to pick out the most fun games that they recommend playing with friends and family over the holidays. Stop by Mox this month to receive a 10% discount on any titles mentioned in this blog post.

Mox Staff Favorite Games

When undecided about what game you should pick up next there is no better resource to help you choose than Mox. We are experts with countless game-play hours under our belts. On a daily basis, we research new games, read about them, watch videos, and teach them to our customers. Keep reading to find out more about our favorites.

Tsuro - Erik (from Mox Bellevue)

Tsuro is a game of placing tiles and flying around the board as a dragon. You want to stay on the board as long as possible to win. This game only takes a few minutes to teach and can be played with up to eight players- perfect for a gift or an activity with friends and family. Each turn you’ll place a tile and follow the path as far as you can. If you fly off the board then you’re out and if you crash into another dragon then you’re both out! Play as defensively or aggressively as you like or pivot strategies as the game unfolds. Tsuro is a quick playing game that’s great for the whole family and people who love strategy. Few other games let anyone of any skill level play together in such a fun way.

Unlock! - Megan (from Mox Portland)

Do you love escape rooms but wish you could solve them anywhere? Then the Unlock! Series is for you! Each box has an easy, medium, and hard puzzle for 1-6 players to solve. Download the free app and jump down the rabbit hole with Alice, or explore off-planet to smuggle cargo for Jabba the Hutt, or enjoy other adventures across 20+ puzzles. Unlock! is easy to take anywhere - or just play it at home and argue if the stars on a card actually spell a secret or if you’re just seeing things.

Cindr - Ada (from Mox Seattle)

Channel your inner bard as you go on a series of dragon dates in Cindr! Fans of rolling dice and laughing with friends will enjoy the quick learn-to-play rules and the excitement that comes when players decide to push their luck. The game creates a fun story and lends itself to lighthearted role play through the cards and mechanics. Cindr has you making a dating profile then choosing from prospective dragons who'll take you on dates to various fantasy locations. Play your cards (and the dice) right, you'll get some of the love points you need to win. But beware… when dating dragons, you might get burned.

Parks – Logan (from Mox Bellevue)

When the bite of Winter’s wind keeps you cooped up inside and eager for adventure, consider cracking out a game of Parks! Explore the great outdoors by accruing resources to stamp your pass into some of the most beautiful national parks. Send your two hikers through four seasons, snap photos of wildlife, and end the game by having the most victory points. Achieve this by taking your time through the game, and by enjoying the journey along the way!

Scythe - Justin (from Mox Seattle)

In an alternate 1920s Europa, a city-state known as The Factory has fueled war for years but has mysteriously closed its doors, leaving factions all scrambling for peace… or power. Thus begins the world of Scythe, a strategy game for 1-5 players. Take control of factions with unique abilities, setting out to place workers, build structures, accrue resources, and most importantly, conquer territory. The game is full of amazing art and beautiful miniatures and is an experience any fan of strategy games should consider.

The Duke - Carmen (from Mox Bellevue)

The Duke is an abstract chess-like game that is uniquely challenging and really fun! The game includes a variety of pieces, each with two unique sets of moves shown on either side of the tile. Every time a piece is moved, the tile is flipped over, changing its abilities. The game starts with a duke and two footmen on either side of the board. From there on, the players take turns either moving a piece or drawing a new piece from their bag at random. The game ends when one of the dukes is in checkmate, just like in chess. If you love chess, but want a different kind of challenge, look no further than The Duke!

Abandon All Artichokes - El (from Mox Portland)

Abandon All Artichokes is a fast, fun, family game! There is never a dill moment as you use strategy and a little luck to weed out every artichoke card in your deck. Turnip the chances of beeting your opponents by swapping cards with their hands or donating to their discard piles. Eat, drink and be rosemary with 2-4 players in this absolutely raddishing card game!

Sam - Paperback (from Mox Seattle)

Blending the elements of a traditional word game with deck building mechanics, this Fowers game offers a fresh way to experience both genres. Play and score a word each turn to buy more letters (that sometimes alter gameplay) as you try to finish your novel first! A great game for friends, as it includes a fun cooperative mode out of the box!

The Quiet Year - Katie (from Mox Bellevue)

The Quiet Year sets you in a town recently ravaged by an apocalyptic disaster, and plays through the calm times before the Frost Shepards arrive to end the game. You'll do some light roleplaying to create a map as a group that tells a story. One by one, you will reveal a random event, and draw a symbol on the map to symbolize what your town has done. Talk through how your community would handle the situation, then decide what to work on next. This unique game is perfect to get creative, and can help introduce role-playing games to a new group.

Gravwell - Finley (from Mox Portland)

Oh No! My Spaceship! It's Broken! Using only a tractor beam and your gut instinct, you and up to 5 friends must race each other to the outer warp gate. Outsmart your opponents by picking better fuel cards, and out-maneuver them with your spaceship's unique abilities. Gravwell plays for about 45 minutes, and even has a 1 player mode! Will you be the lone ship that escapes the 9th dimension? Or will you be trapped in the void forever?

Onitama - Erik (from Mox Seattle)

Onitama is a perfectly balanced skirmish game. Two players move their pieces on the board using shared movement patterns chosen randomly at the beginning of the game, making no two games the same experience. Move your pieces across to capture your opponent's master or move your own master across the entire board to claim victory!

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