Unforgettable Events at Mox Boarding House: From Holidays to Weddings
  • Nov 1st 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell and Nelly Steiner

Unforgettable Events at Mox Boarding House: From Holidays to Weddings

Hey there, holiday party planners! We get it, finding the perfect spot for your company's year-end celebration can be a bit of a puzzle. But guess what? Mox has your back, and we're here to make it a breeze.

Picture this: cozy vibes, friendly faces, and a game collection that'll have your team talking about this party for years. Our staff is genuinely stoked to help you pick out the best games for your crew.

And speaking of games, we've got you covered. Our game library boasts hundreds of titles, ranging from super fun and simple party games to crunchy strategy ones. And here's the kicker - they're all available for free during your event. Our expert staff will match the perfect game to your group. Need some team building ideas? Check out our blog post with our favorite team-building games to get started.

Whether you're thinking of an intimate gathering or a full-on extravaganza, we've got the space. Smaller groups can cozy up in our beautifully decorated private rooms, while larger crews can take over the patio and event halls available for event rental. Each location has its own unique style and décor, ranging from the timeless elegance of art deco to the intricate beauty of art nouveau, complete with hidden secrets in the designs.

But that's not all. Our venues are perfect for all types of get-togethers, including weddings, birthdays, game nights, business meetings, team building events, and of course, holiday parties. The best part? We're the one-stop-shop. No need to juggle different vendors; we handle it all—service, catering, and entertainment. Looking for a venue in Seattle, Bellevue, or Portland? Our locations have got you covered.

Food-wise, get ready for a treat. Everything's fresh and made in-house. And each location's menu is a symphony of flavors crafted by our talented chefs. From comfort classics to more adventurous bites, there's something for everyone.

Oh, and prices? We believe in keeping it reasonable. Because who said finance folks can't have a happy year-end too?

Ready to kick off the holiday season with a bang? See our Private Events and Catering page for all the details including pricing and catering options. And of course, swing by in person to get a taste of what we're all about. We've got a feeling your office will be counting down the days to this year's party!

-See you at Mox