Wilds of Eldraine Preview Card Reveal
  • Aug 16th 2023
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Wilds of Eldraine Preview Card Reveal

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast’s free gift, we’re thrilled to unveil our Mox Wilds of Eldraine preview cards! 

Eldraine is a storybook plane, full of fairy tale creatures and familiar plots. Everyone we encounter has a part to play...a role, if you will. Or rather, in this set at least, a Role.

But sometimes you know what Role you want, but opportunity is a little hard to find. Maybe you’re a simple peasant, and you don’t have the money to attend those fancy wizard colleges. You went to the trouble of learning how to read, but those stuffy librarians at the university won’t let you even look at the books that hold all of the really useful knowledge.

Well, maybe you don’t need all that fancy learning from them hoity-toity tutors. Because it turns out, a new shop just opened up in town, and it turns out the person running it has exactly what you need:

Meet your friendly neighborhood Spellbook Vendor, helping those of even the humblest beginnings have a Role to play in the grand stories and sagas of Eldraine.

This 1-and-a-white mana vigilant 2/2 of a rare seems to be one of the so-called “set-mechanic bears” of Wilds of Eldraine, as it has the ability to bestow the Role of Sorcerer on any creature you control at the beginning of each of your combats...for a nominal cost, of course. This can be quite strong, especially in any kind of low-to-the-ground aggressive deck that wants to be attacking early and often anyway – buffing a creature and getting a free scry each turn is already quite the bargain at a single colorless mana, and if you can manage to put the Sorcerer Role on multiple creatures? Odds are quite good that you’re going to be able to dig through your deck to find whatever you need each turn until you win.

Of course, Eldraine is a plane that just waged a war, and tales of that conflict are already taking on the mythic and storybook qualities of the plane. Some fairy tales do have some truth in them, and the Enchanting Tales of the Phyrexian Invasion are all the darker for being based in the actual past of the plane.

Phyrexian Unlife, while not being technically part of Wilds of Eldraine and not being legal in Standard, can be found in this new Enchanting Tales treatment in all the varieties of Wilds of Eldraine boosters!

If you want to potentially get your hands on a Spellbook Vendor and try out the Role mechanic as soon as possible, come visit your local Mox Boarding House on September first for Wilds of Eldraine Prereleases! You can also set up your preorders with Mox right here. And thank you again to Wizards of the Coast for the free preview cards!

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