Giving Tree at Mox Boarding House

Lyla Ross Charity, Holiday

Hello Friends!  We hope your Thanksgiving was cozy, and that you got your fair share of pumpkin pie.  Everyone deserves pie. Thanksgiving marks the start of an important time for all of us at Mox Boarding House- it’s Giving Tree season! This is the time of year that we look forward to celebrating the generosity of our community by hosting our holiday Giving Trees at both of our locations.

Our Giving Tree is a tradition we started at our Ballard location in 2012.  We wanted to highlight the tremendous work that many of our local non-profits are doing every day to support families and individuals in need, whilst also providing an opportunity for our patrons to give in a big and meaningful way.  Each year, our in-house giving program, ENGAGE, picks a local non-profit to be the beneficiary of our Giving Tree.  These non-profits are ones that serve folks within our identified “Areas of Focus”- health/mental health, education, and community-building.  We try to choose programs where we know they can use a large supply of games, as well as specific, (non-gaming) items from a wish list.  In our first year, we were blown away by the generosity of our patrons- all gifts from the tags on the tree were donated within three days! We quickly added more tags to the tree, and again, all wishes were fulfilled within the following week. Each year since, donations have increased, and our patrons look forward to seeing how they might help fulfill a holiday wish and/or need. This is now our sixth year, and we look forward to witnessing the generosity of our amazing gamer community, once again!

This year, we are focusing all of our donation drive efforts towards Wellspring Family Services.  This means that all the gifts received from both of our locations, Ballard and Bellevue, will go towards supporting and providing stability for the hundreds of homeless families served by Wellspring Family Services during this holiday season and beyond.  In addition, we are doing a company-wide donation drive for specific, on-going needs for toiletries, personal care items, diapers and wipes.

There are a several ways you can give this year-

  • Purchase and donate an item listed on the tag from within our store
  • Grab a tag with a specific (non-gaming) wish list item, purchase elsewhere, and return to our store before Dec. 18th
  • Donate an item from Wellspring Family Services Wish List
  • Donate directly to Wellspring Family Services Online

Both Mox Boarding House locations will be accepting donations through the 18th of December.  Donations will be collected and delivered several times in the coming weeks.

As a thank you to our generous patrons, we will be giving donors a 20% off one item coupon that will be valid through the end of January 2019.  In addition to our company wide donation drive, Mox ENGAGE will be donating $5 for every Giving Tree item fulfilled, big or small!

We hope your holidays are spent doing the things you love most, and we thank you for helping to spread the holiday cheer for many families in our town!

See you at Mox