Mox Is Coming To Arizona!
  • Jun 16th 2021
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox Is Coming To Arizona!

Yes, you heard right! Mox Boarding House is coming to Chandler, AZ!

We’ve proudly served the gaming communities of the Pacific Northwest for the past ten years and decided it’s time to head south!

Located at 1371 N Alma School Rd, Mox Chandler will have over 10k square feet of gaming and dining space—we’ll even have outdoor seating for added dining space. *happy dance* Our Chandler location will feature our signature retail, restaurant, and event spaces that everyone has come to love from us You’ll find over a thousand different tabletop games (including miniatures, board games, role playing games, card games – just about everything you can think of!) to shop from, as well as a kiosk to buy and sell Magic: The Gathering cards. All our guests are welcome to borrow games (for free!) from our huge game library to play while enjoying a meal in our restaurant or playing in the store.

The restaurant will offer specially curated menus using many locally-sourced ingredients, along with wide selections of beer, wine, and craft cocktails. Additionally, there are two private rooms, each with a special theme from history and myths around Arizona. These rooms are fully serviced by the restaurant and can be rented out for events and special occasions, from regular game night to birthdays to team-building events.

Stepping into a Mox Boarding House is an instant transportation to somewhere special. Each of our locations provide an opportunity to unplug and spend quality time with others. We offer a sense of community packed with a vast selection of games, good food, and craft beverages, for all seeking a unique experience in an environment like no other.”-Jorel Miller-Director of Mox Boarding House

The final timeline for opening is not yet set, and we are currently starting construction. Once we know when the Grand Opening will be (and it’ll be grand – trust us!), we’ll make a big announcement, so make sure to visit our website, blog and Facebook Page for updates.

See you at the game table soon, Chandler, AZ!

*Edit 1/11/23 Through the last year construction has been delayed due to supply chain and building issues. We're excited to announce that construction is back in full swing and moving forward. We just installed new trusses for the building and the next step is to install the roof. We do not have an estimated open date at this time. However, once the roof is installed we'll be making a new annoucement packed with details. We can't wait to open in Chandler, AZ!