Spooooooky Nerdy Halloween

Nelly Steiner Event

There is a cool crisp in the air, the trees are displaying magnificent colors, and the days are getting shorter. This can only mean one thing… Halloween must be just around the corner and we are so ready for it! As you can see, things are getting spooky around Mox, with Ess Kellyton the skeleton keeping a close eye on all the happenings and Morticia and Gomez keeping the two-player table in check.


When planning the trick-or-treat route this year, make sure to stop by Mox Boarding House for some goooouuuulish fun. Stop by in costume for sweet goodies, including these custom Mox Halloween stickers (while they last).

Play With Us

Are you tired of the same old horror movies? Try out some scary board games instead. We’ve got you covered. Pick up Gloom, a game in which you are trying to make everyone else’s families as happy as possible while planning the demise of your own. Or see how far you can get in exploring the haunted mansion in Betrayal at House on the hill before the traitor ruins everything. Why not see if you can make it through the haunted mansion is Vast: The Mysterious Manor?


Looking for More Events?

On October 26th, play in the Board Game Battle Royale – Villainous and prove that you are the most sinister of them all. Don’t forget to register for Harry Potter Trivia the following week on October 30th.

Join us at Mox Seattle for some Spooky Draft and Drafts on October 31st! You’ll be drafting from eerie sets such as Throne of Eldraine, Eldritch Moon, and Shadows Over Innistrad! And it wouldn’t be drafts and drafts without the ability to enjoy a cold beer as you play, so this event is 21+ only.

– Stay spooky and see you at Mox