PubSpot March – Portal Games

Nelly Steiner Publisher Spotlight

Spring is on the horizon and the weather is warming up. Time for a new Publisher Spotlight (PubSpot)! For the month of March, we will be highlighting Portal Games. Portal is all about immersive gameplay and shared experiences. Inspired by authors such as Tolkein, Herbert, and Pratchett and movies like Never Ending Story and Bladerunner, they truly embrace games that tell stories. Books and movies are wonderful and inspiring, but games take the next step and allow you to immerse yourself in the experience with other people.

“We make games that tell stories.”

Portal Games

Our favorite Portal Game titles

Pret-A-Porter – Economic Strategy meets fashion industry dominance in this new edition of a highly regarded board game. Players vie for stars by opening new stores, holding fashion shows, hiring new workers, and adding new contracts. The player with the most stars wins!

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North – Designer Joanna Kijanka was brought into the team at Portal Games and co-designed this newest edition with Ignacy. Empires of the North uses a randomly set up rondel action selection system, exploration, and empire building to create a very well rounded game experience with some player interaction. The base game includes 6 factions to start off with and 2 expansions have already been released, adding 4 more and even more are on the way! The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Don’t miss the interview with one of the game designers here!

Tides of Time – This is a great 2 player drafting card game with some of the best art in the industry. Over 3 rounds players draft and place cards down making sets in front of themselves in hopes of earning the most points. Between rounds, players get to choose 1 card to keep into the next round adding another layer of strategy. The player with the most points wins.

Detective – Players cooperate together becoming detectives solving modern crimes and figuring out the connections between them. The game also has some innovative design work with the addition of interactive online elements. The core game comes with 5 cases to solve and expansions are regularly released. The Upcoming standalone Detective: Season 1 offers shorter playtime and is more tailored for mystery game nights.

What’s in store for you this month?

All month we will be offering 10% off all Portal Games titles as part of our PubSpot program. In addition, purchases will come with special promos. Our expert staff is ready to help get you started playing on any Portal Games in our library. We will also be running fun Portal Games related events, make sure to check our local events calendar for details here.

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