Nelly Steiner Event

You’ve heard of a White Elephant gift exchange, right? Well, we here at Mox Boarding House are putting our own twist on it! REGIFT-A-PALOOZA is a Green Elephant gift exchange! What’s the difference between a Green Elephant exchange and a White Elephant exchange? You don’t need to buy a new gift! The point of our REGIFT-A-PALOOZA is to regift something you got this past holiday season that left you less-than-dazzled. This way, someone else gets that third copy of Splendor, or whatever you don’t have a particular need for, and you leave with something shiny and new!


  • At the beginning of the event, everyone will draw a number from a hat (NOTE: Might not literally be a hat).
  • Whoever goes first will pick a gift from the pool of gifts, and open it.
  • Each subsequent person can either choose to open a new gift from the pool, or steal a previously opened gift.
  • If someone’s gift gets stolen, they then get to either steal a different gift (NOTE: You can’t re-steal the gift that just got stolen), or open a new one from the pool of remaining gifts.
  • No gift can get stolen more than twice. If you’re the third person to claim the same gift, it is yours FOREVER. That’s right, there’s a strategic element to this! It’s almost like the event was thrown by people who are surrounded by games of various sorts!

GIFT RULES (because we don’t want someone ruining it for everyone):

  • Please wrap the gifts! It’s more fun that way!
  • Items must be new. Would you want to get a used copy of an EXIT game?
  • No Weapons! We’re a family game store. C’mon.
  • On that note, it should be something you’d bring into this store normally. Again, family store. Try to keep it at least roughly PG.
  • No Food! Seriously, who regifts food? It’ll have been nearly a month since the holidays, and stuff expires.

This event will be held at both our locations at on the 20th of January at 4pm. We’re capping this one at 20 participants so things don’t get too crazy, so be sure to pre-register. The entry fee is $5. All money goes to Ballard Boys and Girls Club of Seattle and Bellevue. See you at the Mox!

Seattle Tickets here 

Bellevue Tickets here