Vampire: The Masquerade - The Crimson Gutter

  • Mechanism Modules
  • System Vampie: The Masquerade
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You've been Embraced, brought into the night and left to fend for yourself with your coterie. Now what?

The Crimson Gutter provides a starter chronicle, designed to help novice or experienced Storytellers run any introductory game of Vampire: The Masquerade. The Crimson Gutter chronicle introduces core concepts during play such as feeding, the sects (Anarchs, Camarilla, and the Church of Caine), and the Masquerade itself while giving the players' characters a chance to carve a niche for themselves among the Kindred.

The 21 highly adaptable stories contained within can be played in isolation or strung together to form multiple arcs of a chronicle. Experienced Storytellers can easily adapt these stories to their own chronicles, drawing from them to fill an evening of play or adapting whole story arcs. Also included is a city setting adaptable to any fictional or real city including eight recurring locations and more than 20 recurring Storyteller characters.

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