Warhammer AoS: Soulbound - Artefacts of Power

  • Mechanism Rulebooks
  • System Soulbound
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Artefacts of Power is perfect for those who want to fill their Soulbound games with incredible magical items, adventures about fate-defining artefacts, and terrifying arcane manifestations unlike anything seen before. 

Artefacts of Power contains:

  • Detailed information about realmstone — crystallized magic energy that can be used to craft powerful weapons, armor, and more. 
  • A vast selection of magical weapons, armor, and artefacts, along with methods of randomly generating your own — with thousands of possible combinations! 
  • A collection of Ancient Relics — artefacts so powerful they can change the fate of the realms. Each of which comes with their own thrilling adventure. 
  • Detailed information on the mysterious distance spanning Realmgates, including ways to create and add them to your games. 
  • Rules, player options, and statblocks for hunting Endless Spells — some of the most deadly creatures in the Mortal Realms.

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