Washington Board Game Designers
  • Apr 5th 2021
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

Washington Board Game Designers

Washington State is home to some of the most influential board game designers in the world. Some of your favorite tabletop games have been designed in Washington – including Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Betrayal At House On The Hill, and Funkoverse! If you’ve been searching for local games designed right here in the Evergreen State, this is your one-stop resource to support local talent. Keep reading to check out all the awesome board game designers Washington has to offer.

Games Designers Based in Washington

Emma Larkins – Heartcatchers | … and then we died | Abandon All Artichokes

Rob Newton – Senora | Shuffle Grand Prix

Joseph Chen – Fantastic Factories

Justin Faulkner – Fantastic Factories

Paul Peterson – Smash Up | Guillotine | Apocrypha

Aaron Mesburne – Overboss

Dylan Mangini – Mephisto

Kevin Russ – Overboss | Calico | Tumble Town

Shawn Stankewich – Point Salad | Truffle Shuffle | Abstract Academy

Chris Rowlands – Under My Bed | The Last Garden

Peter Lee – Lords of Waterdeep | Dungeons & Dragons | Tyrants of the Underdark

Sage LaTorra – Dungeon World

Randy Flynn – Cascadia

Rodney Thompson – Spectaculars | Dusk City Outlaws | Lords of Waterdeep | Dungeons & Dragons

Peter Schaefer – The Well

Mike Selinker – Betrayal At House On The Hill | Apocrypha | Lords of Vegas

Nicole Jekich – Food Truck Champion

Luke Turpeinen – Food Truck Champion

Alice Davis – Thieves Den | Kitten Klash | Dinos Not Assembled

Ben Eisner – Aquicorn Cove | Tidal Blades | Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game

Tim Eisner – Aquicorn Cove | Canopy | March of the Ants

Dylan Birtolo – Dragonfire | Evil Dead 2: The Board Game | Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops

Joshua Buergel – Fox in the Forest | Hocus

Katherine Cook – Prime Climb | Tiny Polka Dot

Dan Finkel – Prime Climb | Tiny Polka Dot

Peter Newland - Flapjack Flipout

Washington-Based Tabletop Game Companies

Monocle Society – Weave

Wizards of the Coast – Magic: The Gathering | Dungeons & Dragons

Teebletop – Apparel

Prospero Hall – Horrified | Jaws | The Shining

Daily Magic Games – Valeria Card Kingdoms | Horizons | Food Truck Champion

Dark Dreams – Dark Dreams

Eldritch Arts – Dice Boxes

Columbia Games – Julius Caesar | Wizard Kings

Lone Shark Games – Trogdor | Pathfinder Adventure Card Game | Betrayal At House On The Hill

Paizo – Pathfinder | Starfinder | Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Card Kingdom – Battle Decks | Magic: The Gathering Accessories

Privateer Press – Warmachine & Hordes | Iron Kingdoms | Riot Quest

Funko – Funkoverse | Pan Am – The Game | groundhog Day

Be Bold Games – Creator of engaging board game content

Flying Frog Productions – Shadows Over Brimstone | Last Night On Earth

Pokemon – Pokemon Card Game

Locally Designed Board Games At Mox

Stop by Mox to not only support your friendly local game store but also find games designed by your neighbors. When you dine with us, ask your server for a game recommendation from our library to play while you eat. If you decide to purchase it we’ll give you 15% off that game.

-See you at Mox