2017 Holiday Gift Guide

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The Holidays are upon us! Tis’ the season to spend quality time with your loved ones – hopefully with the help of a good board game!

This is also the season of gifts, which can be a stressful time for many gift-givers. Rather than stressing over what to get your loved ones this year, let us help you! We are here to help you choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year.

Mox’s Gift Guide makes holiday shopping a breeze. Our gift options are unique, ranging from hand-crafted geeky items to board games that the whole family will love. Need more help? Ask one of our Mox associates in store, and they will help you find that perfect gift for your loved one.

Our Gift Guide is separated into three categories: Stocking Stuffers; Gifts for Children; Gifts for Adults.

Stocking Stuffers

Some last-minute smaller games to fill out those Christmas stockings!

  1. Love Letter | 2-4 Players | 20 minutes | 10+ | Great tiny game that is played in about 5 minutes!
  2. Dice So many dice, so many colors.
  3. Coup | 2-6 Players | 15 minutes | 9+ | Can you be the last character standing in this cut-throat game of elimination?
  4. Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures For that RPG player in your life, we have a huge variety of fantasy models.
  5. Star Realms | 2 Players | 20 minutes | 12 + | Star Realms is a spaceship combat deck-building game!
  6. Meeple Earrings They come in all the colors of the rainbow.

Gifts for Children

Let’s be honest, children are the most fun to shop for! The excitement in their eyes when they open a gift is infectious and rewarding. These games will guarantee that the whole family spends some fun, quality time together, over and over again.

We split this category into two sections to ensure you find the right gift for the right kid.

Children Under 7 Years Old 

We have a wealth of games that are perfect for ages under seven. In particular, some Haba and Melissa and Doug games are great options for this age group. They are fun, age appropriate, and all very tactile.

  1. Monza | 2-6 Players | 10 minutes | 5+ | Car racing game, roll the color dice and move around the track based on what colors you rolled.
  2. Animal Upon Animal | 2-4 Players| 15 minutes | 4+ | Try to stack up all the animals and spin them without toppling it over, can you make the animal sounds?
  3. Sleeping Queens | 2-5 Players | 10 minutes |7+| All the Queens have fallen asleep, can you wake them up? Fun card game for the whole family.
  4. Monster Bowling | 2+| Plushie pins and a ball allows you to play monster bowling anywhere!
  5. Suspend | 1-4 Players | 15 minutes | 7+ | Try to suspend all your rubber tipped wires before anyone else without toppling the whole thing.
  6. Plushies |4+ | We have a whole range of adorable plushies! Foxes, cats, dice and many more.

Children Over 7 Years Old

At 7 years old, kids begin to grow out of the younger kid games, but still needs something a little lighter than adult games. This means that gift-giving for this age group can be a bit tricky, but interesting! Here are some of our top picks for this category.

  1. Castle Panic | 1-6 Players | 60 minutes | 10+ | Work together to defend your castle from hordes of monsters storming in from the forest.
  2. King of Tokyo | 2-6 Players | 30 minutes | 8+ | You get to play as gigantic robots and fierce monsters all battling it out for control over Tokyo. What more could you want?!
  3. Sushi Go | 2-5 Players  | 15 minutes | 8+ | This fast-pace, sushi grabbing game will keep everyone engaged! Try to grab the best sushi on the conveyor belt to score maximum points.
  4. Pokémon | 2 Players | 30 minutes | 7+ | Ever wanted to battle your favorite Pokémon against your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you catch them all!
  5. Ice Cool | 2-4 Players | 20 minutes | 6+ | It’s time to race around school, catching all the fish, but beware the Hall Monitor!
  6. MTG Rookie Decks | 2 Players | 30 minutes | 10+ | Ever wanted to try out Magic: The Gathering? We’ve made it easy for you to learn our Rookie Decks.

Gifts for Adults

What do you get for someone that has everything? Or what about that guy in the office you’ve only said hi to once, but you’re their secret Santa?! Or how about that neighbor who got you a present, so you need to get them something!? AHH! Don’t worry, we’ve made this easy for you. We’ve split this into two major categories: Friends and Family (gifts for people you know well; Secret Santa (gifts for people you might not know too well).

Family/Friend: Casual Gamers 

Want a gift for the family where everyone can join in and have fun? Here are some classic games that are perfect for any casual gamer and their friends.

  1. Ticket to Ride | 2-5 Players |30-60 minutes | 8+ | A classic, this game is fun for the whole family.
  2. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle | 2-4 Players | 30-60 minutes | 11+ | You play through each year that Harry is in school, and working together as a group.
  3. Century Spice Road | 2-5 Players | 30-45 minutes |8+ | Travel the silk road to deliver spices for fame and glory.
  4. Pandemic | 2-4 Players | 45 minutes | 8+ | Can you save the world from 4 pandemics taking over? This is a cooperative game that depends on the players working together to win!
  5. Hanabi | 2-5 Players | 25 minutes | 8+ | All the display’s fireworks are mixed up! Can you communicate well enough with your team to put them back in order?
  6. Puzzles we have a really great range of puzzles for everyone!

Family/Friend: Silly Gamers 

These are great gifts for friends who just want to have fun! We have party games, like Exploding Kittens where you play hot potato with a cat that eventually explodes, as well as great gift items like fun pins and cool mugs!

  1. FlipShips | 1-4 Players | 30-45 minutes | 8+ | Dexterity game where you flip your ship against the onslaught of enemies.
  2. Exploding Kittens | 2-5 Players | 15 minutes | 7+ | A hilarious game of hot potato with an exploding cat.
  3. Cash and Guns | 4-8 Players | 30 minutes | 10+ | You’ve completed the heist, but now you want to make off with more loot than the rest of your crew.
  4. Mugs Lots of options, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dead Pool, Pokémon, Dr Who, the geek list goes on…
  5. Pins Cat butts, Pokémon, Dinosaurs, and more – what’s not to love?

Family/Friend: Complex Gamers 

This can be a tricky category to shop for—what do you get a gamer that likes to play more complex games? Once again, you’ve come to the right place! We have a huge variety of games, and our staff are experts in helping you choose the right game for the right person.

  1. A Feast For Odin | 1-4 Players | 30-120 minutes | 12+ | A complex worker placement game with almost infinite spots choose from.
  2. Concordia | 2-5 Players | 100 minutes | 13+ | Trading in the Mediterranean to become the wealthiest and most popular merchant.
  3. The Networks | 1-5 Players | 60-90 minutes | 13 + | This game offers spot on satire and tableau building mechanics.
  4. Above and Below | 2-4 Players | 90 minutes | 13+ | A beautiful worker placement game with aspects of choose-your-own-adventure.
  5. XCOM | 1-4 Players | 90 minutes | 14+ | This board game is based on the video game, and it offers an intense cooperative experience.
  6. Pirate Labs Game Bag This is the perfect gift for that gamer that has everything, a bag to carry everything around in!

Secret Santa: Light Games

Sometimes you find yourself buying a gift for someone you just don’t know very well. This task can seem daunting! Again, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Let’s kick off with some lighter games.

  1. Kill Doctor Lucky | 3-8 Players |45 minutes | 12+ | Try to kill Dr. Lucky without anyone catching you – it’s like reverse clue!
  2. Boss Monster | 2-4 Players | 20 minutes | 13+ | Side-scrolling, 8-bit, dungeon crawler where you are the monster at the end of a dungeon churning through adventurers.
  3. Fluxx | 2-6 Players | 5-30 minutes | 8+ | A game where the rules and goals are constantly changing, but in the best way possible!
  4. Sushi Go | 2-5 Players | 15 minutes | 8+ | Can you build the best plate of sushi at the conveyor belt restaurant?
  5. Kingdomino | 2-4 Players | 15-20 minutes | 8+ | Build the best possible kingdom around your castle. Also the winner of the Spiel Des Jahres 2017.
  6. Dixit  | 3-6 Players | 30 minutes | 6+ | Absolutely beautiful art in this word association game.

Secret Santa: Party

These games are great for parties or large groups of people, and will work perfectly at a white elephant party.

  1. Secret Hitler | 5-10 Players | 45 minutes | 13+ | Are you a fascist or a liberal? Play to have a chance of assassinating Hitler.
  2. Codenames | 2-8 Players | 15 minutes | 14+ | Word association game for any party! Can you give the right clues to your team to guess all the spy locations before the other team does?
  3. Sheriff of Nottingham | 3-5 Players | 60 minutes | 13+ | Can you sneak black-market goods past the Sheriff?
  4. Unlock | 2-6 Players | 45-75 minutes | 10+ | It’s an escape room, in a box!
  5. Tsuro | 2-8 Players | 15 minutes | 8+ | Fun for up to 8 players! The goal is to just stay on the board. Last meeple standing wins!

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect gifts, however, if you’re still unsure what to get, just talk to a Mox Associate and they will help you find the ideal gift for your loved one.

Bonus: Don’t forget that we also have a gift wrapping station, making holiday shopping even easier! We also have a huge game library in the stores where you can try game for free.

Happy Holidays!