2018 Unique Items Gift Guide

Dee Chapleau Holiday

The Holidays are upon us, which means Holiday shopping is in full swing! But what do you get for the gamer that has everything? Well, MOX is here with a helpful guide to help you get the best presents for your loved ones. If you’re finding game shopping to be too difficult for that pickier than most gift-recipient, worry not. At MOX we have filled our shelves with all sorts of gaming accessories to help stuff that stocking.

And not only that, we’re extending our hours right before the holidays to help you find the time to buy. Stop in any time between 9am-midnight starting Dec 15th and on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy our weekend-only brunch menu and fuel up before you shop. Monday, December 24th, we will be open from 9am-3pm for any last minute shopping.


Squishables: This year we have Squishables in every size and shape. Pick your favorite critter or comfort food to take home to your family today:

  1. Minis: 7” plushies perfect for squeezing.
  2. Undercovers: costumes for your minis! Buy them separately or pre-dressed! We have all sorts of cute costumes, like sharks and cupcakes!
  3. Squishables: 15” of pure cuddles.
  4. Massives: 32” massive avocado plushies! There are only a few left, so grab yours now!Honorable Mention: Not Featured: Micro Plushies for your keychain, Studio Ghibli plushies, Lord of The Rings plushies, and Stranger Things plushies.

Harry Potter

  1. Foam Magnets: Ascendio! Hold important notes and spell lists high upon your magnetic surfaces with these Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Hagrid magnets! Quick, before they’re gone!
  2. Fantastic Beasts Pens: Take your favorite creatures from the Fantastic Beasts series with you to school or work with these brand-new pens.
  3. Tom Riddle Diary: Looking for something more unique? These Tom Riddle Diaries come complete with invisible ink to keep your secrets safe. How cool is that?
  4. Hogwarts House Pins: Flaunt your house pride with these handcrafted enamel house pins made by local designer Helabella.

Star Wars

  1. Party String Lights: This year decorate your house with a little bit of flair with these Star Wars party lights. Choose the Galactic Empire or Rebellion and flaunt your alliance to friends.
  2. Lightsabers: Channel the Force this holiday season with Rey and Kylo-Ren’s lightsabers. This gift is for the young and young at heart. And remember… the Force is with you, always.
  3. Fairy Lights: Want something a little subtler for your Christmas tree? These Fairy Lights let you sprinkle a little sci-fi into your holiday decorating without commitments.


  1. Necklaces: These wood-cut necklaces come in designs ranging from Ghibli fanart to nerd-centric apparel. Find a design that speaks to you and own your individual style.
  2. Earrings: Video game, board game, and movie themed earrings are flooding the store this season. Perfect for stocking stuffers or small exchanges.
  3. Enamel Pins: Everyone loves a good enamel pin. And this year we’ve got pins from all of your favorite local designers such as Small Rini Lady, Paolas Pixels, Helabella, Hanakko, and Calico.

MOX Swag

  1. Coffee Mug: Choose the Card Kingdom online or MOX Boarding House logo to keep your drink warm this holiday season.
  2. Hats: Mox Baseball Caps are available year-round, and this winter we’re introducing the black and gold striped beanie to the family.
  3. Scarf: Protect your neck with a matching black and gold striped scarf.
  4. Hoodie: The Mox zip-up hoodie is available in loose and fitted cuts, from XS-3XL. This is the perfect gift to make your holiday a critical success.

We’ve got a ton to offer for everyone on your list. And if these items still aren’t fitting your fancy, feel free to ask any of your friendly MOX associates for recommendations to fill your needs.

See you at Mox