An Interview with DBL Feature
  • Nov 16th 2020
  • Posted by DEE CHAPLEAU

An Interview with DBL Feature

All month long we are highlighting DBL Feature as our Publisher Spotlight for November. Created by tabletop and video game enthusiast Laura Hammonds in 2017, DBL Feature “aims to bring cuteness to the world of gaming” with products ranging from tote bags to enamel pins. Laura kindly agreed to let us pick her brain and get the inside scoop on DBL Feature.

(Mox) Please give us a little bio about yourself, your hobbies, any pets you have (ok, that one’s just for me).

(Laura Hammonds) My name is Laura Hammonds, and I am married to my Dungeon Master, Matthew Averitt. We have a hedgehog named Mr. Scooty (named after the Mario Kart Bike.)

My most recent hobbies include playing tennis, watching ‘What We Do in the Shadows’, playing ‘BotW’ and ‘New Horizons’, reading ‘Dune’ and ‘Saga’, and playing ‘Tailwind’ and ‘Backgammon’! We actually aren’t currently playing a DnD campaign, but that is one of my other hobbies if you can’t tell from my work :p I also love to cosplay and attend conventions!

(Mox) What influenced your decision to start your own business? And how has it evolved over time?

(LH) I’m fortunate enough to say that my family have been my biggest supporters since day one! Back in 2013, I attended my first ever convention, Dragon Con, and my obsession with the convention scene started. My mom and granny taught me how to sew my own cosplays, my dad is really the one to blame for my obsession with anything nerdy, and my husband is my convention helper, stress manager, and favorite person to attend cons with. Back in 2013, I knew that my goal (after graduating college) was to sell my

art at conventions.

So in 2017 after graduating from Auburn University with a BFA in Graphic Design, I created Dbl Feature’s first enamel pin collection. After that collection, I was inspired to create more enamel pins, and our current catalog has passed 70 designs!

I started out designing enamel pins, because I loved collecting the Pokémon pins that you can get in TCG collection boxes. Over time, I’ve added more products to our catalog like apparel and stationary! My favorite thing to design to this day is still an enamel pin.

(Mox) What is DBL Feature’s mission statement?

(LH) Dbl Feature aims to bring cuteness to the world of gaming. We want to deck you out in wearables inspired by the nerdy things that you love!

(Mox) What got you interested in creating cute RPG inspired products?

(LH) In 2017 a group of friends and I tried our hand at Pathfinder, and eventually migrated to Dungeons and Dragons. At conventions, I noticed that the products sold in the vendor halls and artists alleys for RPG players leaned on the fantasy side. Of course I can appreciate that style, but it’s not my style. That’s when I knew that creating cute RPG products was my calling.

(Mox) What’s your favorite item that you have created?

(LH) My favorite item is one of my newer ones! The Dungeons and Dogs design is my current favorite. I have never designed something that detailed, and I loved it so much that I made it into a sticker, pin, tote, and t-shirt!

(Mox) What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

(LH) In terms of creating a brand, I would say that the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to listen to your audience. My parents and teachers have always stressed this to me. There are a ton of things that I would love to design for myself, but at the end of the day I’m making art to share with everyone! It’s important to listen to your supporters, to understand them on a more personal level, and to create from there.

(Mox) What is your dream project?

(LH) I really hope to one day create my own board game. It’s definitely a massive project, and one that will take a lot of time, energy, and support. I think as my brand has developed over the years, I have slowly taken steps to create bigger and more detailed projects. So definitely having a game to call my own is my ultimate dream!

(Mox) What race/ class/ alignment (in any RPG universe) are you?

 (LH) I’m really drawn to gnomes, although I haven’t ever played one. My house is filled with gnome decorations though. One of my first characters was actually a Hill Dwarf who thought she was a gnome XD My favorite character to date, Rugsby, is a high elf.

For class I’m a bard all the way. Even if I try to create a character that isn’t a bard, I will always be caught singing. This is also why I should never play a rogue. I can’t help myself! My paladin was borderline bard, my sorcerer was borderline bard. I’m cursed by song!!!

As for alignment, I’d say chaotic good is probably my go to for gaming. In reality, I’m full-blown lawful good.

(Mox) What is your favorite food to eat while gaming?

(LH) This household is a cheese plate household. If we’re gaming, we’re eating cheese. Usually brie or cheddar. My husband believes that you can’t eat cheese without a cracker, but I beg to differ. I’ll eat cheese any way, all day, every day.

(Mox) Thank you Laura for letting us get a sneak peak if the inner workings of DBL Feature.

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