An Interview with Fowers Games
  • Sep 14th 2020
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

An Interview with Fowers Games

This September we are highlighting Fowers Games all month long and we couldn’t be more excited to snag this interview with Tim Fowers himself. We love Fowers Games for their simplicity and originality. Games such as Fugitive and Burgle Bros surprised us with how they utilized known mechanics in new and exciting ways.

Tim Fowers is not only the designer of all Fowers Games titles but also self distributes them. He kindly took some time out of his schedule to answer some of our burning questions about what’s new and exciting at Fowers Games.

(Mox) What made you realize you wanted to start your own company and be a publisher as well as a designer?

(Tim Fowers) After years of drawn-out relationships with publishers, I just decided to take the reins and do it myself, mostly out of impatience.

(Mox) You have grown a very knowledgeable and passionate community with the games you create. What is your favorite way to interact with the fans of your games?

(TF) Tim Fowers STREET MAGIC – lol. yeah mostly through conventions. Love to chat with fans and hear experiences playing. Often talk about expansion ideas and plans. Fans are pretty clever and many of their ideas have made it into my games.

(Mox) Many of your games share art style and an overall story. How do you use storytelling in your game development? Do you aim for connecting the game stories together?

(TF) Tying the worlds together is usually secondary, but with Fugitive it was core to the original concept. I know I wanted to answer what happened right after the heist in Burgle Bros. As for overall theme, yeah I don’t find myself drawn to fantasy or sci-fi themes, so I end up with contemporary topics. Also more and more I look to movies for inspiration. It gives players a shortcut to a world, characters, story, and even emotional beats.

(Mox) How have you seen online funding sites like Kickstarter, Patreon, Indiegogo etc… influence tabletop gaming?

(TF) Patreon has given a new option to reviewers, while Kickstarter is still unmatched for self-publishing. I think both are exceptional. I do have a Patreon for people that want a behind the scenes look at my game development process.

(Mox) Over recent years technology has been blending more with analog games. Do you see this changing how games are regularly played in the future?

(TF) I’m pretty excited about new experiences that tech can create, but it’s a new design space. Tech that just makes the same game with some flair isn’t worth the trouble. Or if it brings a boardgame too close to just being a videogame. That being said, I’m super excited where hybrid games are going.

(Mox) With recent social distancing guidelines have you seen growth with the digital versions of your games?

(TF) I’ve made a version of Fugitive available for free at to help players stuck in lockdown. I’ve been playing on Boardgame Arena as well. I’m almost always making a boardgame and a videogame at the same time. They are really two sides of the same coin, each with their strengths. Just haven’t figured out how to make a successful videogame yet. I mostly do experimental games that I cancel before I release them.

(Mox) What is your favorite food to eat while playing tabletop games?

(TF) Dubliner cheese and crackers.

(Mox) Thank you Tim for this excellent interview!

Fowers Games at Mox Boarding House

For more information read our September Publisher Spotlight blog post. Make sure that you stop by Mox before the end of the month because all month long we are offering 10% off any Fowers Games titles. Don’t forget, you can play your new game in the restaurant, and relax with delicious food and a cold beer.

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