Blended Burger Project at Mox Bellevue
  • May 27th 2019
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

Blended Burger Project at Mox Bellevue

Why are mushrooms good for sustainability?

Did you know that it takes 1,799 gallons of water to make 1 lb. of beef but it only takes 1.8 gallons of water to produce 1 lb. of mushrooms? Small changes, like substituting a portion of a beef burger with mushrooms, can really make a difference to our environment. Which is why the James Beard Foundation have partnered with the Mushroom Council to create the Blended Burger Project, and why Mox Boarding House has decided to participate in this project.

Mox Boarding House enters the Blended Burger Project!

Celebrating its 5-year anniversary, the Blended Burger Project is a nationwide competition to make the best tasting, sustainable burger possible. The burger must be made by blending at least 25% mushrooms into the burger patty, the rest is up to the chefs.

A trip to the James Beard House!

The Top 25 burgers are decided via an online vote and the top 5 burgers from that shortlist will be decided by a panel of 5 very talented judges. The chefs of those burgers win a trip to NYC to cook their burgers at the historic James Beard House!

The King of the Forest Burger

After a month of testing, tweaking, and tasting, our Chef Doug is ready to release his version of the blended burger into the wild. The King of the Forest Burger! Featuring a king oyster mushroom and elk patty topped with pickled enoki mushrooms and tomato jam on a brioche bun. The nutty, smooth, and creamy brie balances the hearty, delicious flavors of the mushroom and meat patty.

Visit Mox Bellevue and try it for yourself

This burger is available now, so head over to Mox Bellevue and try it out! Be sure to vote as well so we can send Chef Doug to NYC! You can vote here once each day. Make sure you tag us at #MoxBoardingHouse and #KingoftheForest, as well as @BeardFoundation and #BlendedBurgerProject on social media! Voting starts on May 27th and ends July 31st.

About Chef Doug


A graduate from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school Chef Doug has been at Mox Bellevue for 5 years, starting his career as a sous chef, quickly moving up the ranks to the Head Chef position in 2015. His cooking is inspired by his Peruvian heritage and he is always eager to tackle a new challenge. He is passionate about plant based, blenditarian food options and bold flavors. Adding unique Mox Hot Sauce and vegan tart with walnut crust to the Mox menu makes for a flavorful experience.

See you at Mox!