The 13 Games of Halloween
  • Oct 18th 2021
  • Posted by Tony Pizzo

The 13 Games of Halloween

We ALL know that a playgroup that scares together stays together - and Mox Boarding House wants to put your survival skills to the test. Celebrate the '13 Games of Halloween' with us! We've handpicked some horrifying titles and you can buy them all 13% off, in-store or online (10/19/21-10/31/21). Here are our favorite spooky games that you should be playing to get into the spoooky spirit. 

For games that are portable and punchy, push your luck with Zombie Dice! Each player rolls dice to collect and eat brains before their undead buddies, but with each roll, you risk taking a shotgun blast to the head that ends your spree. You can push your luck and go for all 13 brains, or play it safe.

Gloom: is a game about misery, and lots of it. Your goal is to spin the saddest possible story for your unfortunate character - while also uplifting your opponent's lives with happy memories and lovely parties. The transparent cards make it easy to pile lots of effects onto one character. Plus, each expansion adds a player so the table can grow!

The best way to survive is together, right? Co-op games like Zombicide convince you to watch each other's back, or else. Your party will fight against waves of deads, and each time you level up, more and more walkers will spawn. To survive, you'll need to stay crafty, use your special abilities, and learn to run away!

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition & Eldritch Horror both capture the terror of Ancient Ones as you travel the world and collect clues to stop the definite, no-way-around-it End of the World. As you survive, consequences and madness will stack up. Plus, there are unique ways to defeat each Beast - maybe you must discover their true name or perform a dangerous ritual.

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition also follows this Cthulian theme, but guides you with a smartphone app through bouts of insanity and mysterious puzzles, complete with music and ambience. The miniatures inside highlight the terrifying nature of your foes, and with 4 different scenarios and 8 investigators, your games will stay fresh and fearful.

Maybe YOU want to be the thing that goes bump in the night! Terrifying your friends can be just as rewarding. In Alone, one hero player wanders a space station with a flashlight that only reveals a bit of the map at a time. Meanwhile, the other evil players have a clear view of the map and control the terrors behind every corner. This game also has some monstrous miniatures and haunting expansions, too.

Then there's the party game that runs itself - In One Night Ultimate Werewolf, each player assumes the role of a villager or a werewolf. All players close their eyes to go to sleep, but the werewolves wake up and secretly pick someone to eat! The townsfolk must work together to unveil the werewolf's identity in easy 10-minute sessions.

For those who want to truly dive into their darker self, we have a bevy of roleplaying games. Call of Cthulu 7th Edition flips the typical RPG experience on its head as you create a perfectly sane individual and watch them slowly and surely succumb to alien madness. It's an elder RPG that's stood the test of time for decades!

Or transport yourself to Alpha Complex, the ridiculous dystopian society of Paranoia RPG RPG. This is anything but a typical RPG - your character's life is quite expendable, so feel free to take risks and think outside the box. The DM is encouraged to be callous and confusing, and the players should betray each other every chance they get.

Keep the complexity low and the terror levels high with Alien RPG! Survive xenomorph encounters by rolling dice at every challenging moment. Rolling at least one 6 means a total success, and you can add extra dice by "stressing" your character out, which might hurt you later! There's also a cinematic mode for those highly lethal one-shot sessions.

Let's dive deep underground with The Well RPG. For generations, civilization has buried itself, digging deeper while leaving restless dead and ancient treasures behind. Create a character and discover what's been left above. Here, every roll helps you progress, no matter how low - and character generation takes less than 10 minutes!

Curse of Strahd Revamped completes our list with a remastered edition of one of the most popular and open-ended D&D campaigns ever! Inside the coffin, you'll find some fantastic collectibles: an updated campaign book, a glossy deck of Tarokka cards, a special DM screen with new art, a map of Barovia and handouts, and more to elevate the vibes of your sessions.

From co-op survival to horror roleplay to brain-eating bets, we've got games just for your style all throughout the 13 days of Halloween. Each game and all their expansions are 13% off from the 19th to the 31st. Some of these titles might also be available in our Lending Libraries, where you can play them for free while dining and get a taste of darkness. 

Happy Halloween!