• Spooky Games Sale
    • Oct 13th 2023
    • Posted by Jason Krell

    Spooky Games Sale

    Another Halloween approaches, so it’s time to get into the spooky spirit! And since everyone deserves a treat this year, we’re celebrating the season with 13% off our favorite horror board games, which are guaranteed to make you scream (with joy)! You can find this sale in-store only from 10/13 to 10/31, so there’s plenty of time to play.Betrayal at House on the Hill3-6 players | Age 12+ | 60-90 minsTons of classic scary stories start off with an abandoned house on a desolate hill, and now you can explore one yourself. Enter the betrayal house, if you dare, and try to work together to survive the nightmare. But be careful! One player will betray the others, and that’s when the real fun begins.Horrified1-5 players | Age 10+ | 45-60 minsThere are a lot of monsters out there in the world, and
  • The 13 Games of Halloween
    • Oct 18th 2021
    • Posted by Tony Pizzo

    The 13 Games of Halloween

    We ALL know that a playgroup that scares together stays together - and Mox Boarding House wants to put your survival skills to the test. Celebrate the '13 Games of Halloween' with us! We've handpicked some horrifying titles and you can buy them all 13% off, in-store or online (10/19/21-10/31/21). Here are our favorite spooky games that you should be playing to get into the spoooky spirit. For games that are portable and punchy, push your luck with Zombie Dice! Each player rolls dice to collect and eat brains before their undead buddies, but with each roll, you risk taking a shotgun blast to the head that ends your spree. You can push your luck and go for all 13 brains, or play it safe.Gloom: is a game about misery, and lots of it. Your goal is to spin the sadd