• Mox Spotlight July: CMON Games
    • Jul 1st 2024
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight July: CMON Games

    We’re in the swing of summer heading into July, and this month Mox Boarding House’s spotlight on CMON. Starting in 2001 as CoolMiniOrNot, a community miniatures site, in 2011 CMON got into the boardgame and tabletop business, focusing on games featuring high-quality miniatures with fun, engaging gameplay. All July long, you can get 10% off of any CMON game at your local Mox. Here’s a selection of what they have to offer:Sheriff Of Nottingham3-6 Players | Age 14+ | 45-60 minThis bluffing game puts players in the role of either a merchant come to Nottingham to sell their wares, or the Sheriff, who has been tasked by Prince John to make sure no contraband is being sold at the market. The merchants, of course, might have some contraband, but if the Sheriff has to pay a penalty if they sea
  • Mox Spotlight June: Devir Games
    • Jun 1st 2024
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight June: Devir Games

    June is here, meaning Spring is winding down as we head into a bright summer! This month, we’re highlighting the Spain-based Devir Games, a multifaceted company that is the largest publisher of modern games in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan, helping to bring board games from those cultures to the world. Devir has a wide selection of games across multiple genres, and while we’ve highlighted a few below, any Devir game at your local Mox Boarding will be 10% off all month!Blind Business2-5 Players | Age 8+ | 15-30 minsThis deceptively simple card game is all about hidden information. You only get half of the information about your cards, but know everything about what your opponents have. While trading cards of four different colors back and forth, you are trying to have the
  • Mox Spotlight May: Rio Grande Games
    • May 1st 2024
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight May: Rio Grande Games

    May is here, and with the return of the flowers we welcome the return of a classic board game company to the Spotlight: Rio Grande Games! Responsible for publishing some of the most beloved board games of all time – we’ve got a small sampling of what they have to offer below but remember any Rio Grande Games game at any Mox location is going to be 10% off all month long!Dominion2-4 Players | Age 13+ | 45 mins This true, classic deck-builder is excellent for brand new players getting into deck building games, but also has epic staying power. With many expansions this game stays fresh for years and years of regular play. In Dominion you compete with the other players to build a powerful kingdom, but in the end, there can only be one winner. Concordia2-5 Players | Age 13+ | 120 minsConco
  • Craft Cocktails at Mox Seattle
    • Apr 4th 2024
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Craft Cocktails at Mox Seattle

    We have a massive annoucement! We're always on the lookout for the next thing to elevate the gaming experience, and that's why we’re excited to announce that Mox Seattle now has a full cocktail bar! We're stocked with our favorite spirits and we're ready to whip up delicious concoctions for you.Crafted using house-made syrups and infusions, our cocktails are designed to excite your taste buds and enhance your gaming sessions. Whether you're a fan of classic concoctions with a twist or you're in the mood to try something completely new and innovative, we've got something for everyone on our cocktail menu.But for us, it's about more than just the drinks. It's about creating an unforgettable experience for you. Mox is about community, unplugging, and play. So whether you're craving
  • Mox Spotlight April: Cat and Dog Themed Games
    • Apr 1st 2024
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight April: Cat and Dog Themed Games

    It's time for April showers, and here at Mox it's going to be raining cats and dogs! This month, we're highlighting games featuring our feline and canine friends, with a 10% discount on select board game titles featuring our animal friends. As you try out and play these games, keep in mind that April 30th is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, so if you could use some cuddly companionship in your life, give it a thought or two! Here's some of the titles we'll be featuring this month:Forever Home1-5 Players | Ages 8+ | 30-45 minCombining set collection, drafting, and tile placement, in Forever Home you are a shelter worker. You take in dogs, train them to behave, and match the dogs with families that will be a good fit for their personality. Earn shelter commendations to gain a reputatio
  • Mox Spotlight March: Puzzles
    • Mar 1st 2024
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight March: Puzzles

    We’re shaking things up this March and won’t be spotlighting any board games this month......instead, we’ll be throwing the spotlight on our incredible selection of puzzles! Whether you enjoy putting puzzles together, solo, or with some help, Mox has you covered. From the whimsical to the surprisingly challenging, from expert-level sets to beginner boxes for small children, there’s a puzzle out there for everyone! Every puzzle at every Mox will be 10% off in March! Let’s take a quick look at some companies whose puzzles you can find in our stores.Cobble HillCobble Hill puzzles come in a large range of themes and art styles, usually focusing on bright colors and busy scenes. From detailed artwork to delicate still life photography across a wide array of themes, there’s bound to be a puzzle
  • Mox End of Winter Sale
    • Feb 15th 2024
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox End of Winter Sale

    What you need to know! Join us for our in-store End of Winter Sale from Friday February 23rd to Sunday March 3rd with up to 75% off select titles! If (like all of us at Mox) you can never have too many games and you love a great deal, now's the time to shop. Help us clear out space in our stores to make room for new and exciting titles. With 25%, 50%, and 75% off discount tables there will be a little something for everyone's budget.  What’s on Sale? *Spoiler Warning* – Great deals incoming! We've been combing through our inventory and picking out some really fun goodies, including:  Miniatures including books, models, paints, and supplies.  Board Games including expansions, base games, and card games.  Roleplaying Games including rulebooks, adventure
  • Mox Spotlight February: Cooperative Games
    • Feb 1st 2024
    • Posted by Chris Cornejo

    Mox Spotlight February: Cooperative Games

    This February, Mox is spotlighting cooperative games! That’s right, not every game needs to be a competition, and these games are all about coming together to achieve a common goal...with maybe a dash of making sure your own goals are met as well. There’s a wide range of cooperative board games, and we’ve got a selection of some of the best here for you to check out. Stop by Mox to get 10% off cooperative games this month! Decorum2-4 Players | Age: 13 | 30-45 minDecorum is a game where you and your roommates just want to decorate your home together. Easy right? As anyone who’s ever had a disagreement in IKEA can tell you, things can get complicated fast, as you both have different goals in mind and communicating exactly what you want can be tricky. Can you all find a way to compromise