Holiday Gift Guide
  • Dec 15th 2022
  • Posted by Tony Pizzo

Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list? The answer is board games!! Analog gaming is associated with increased cognitive function, and promotes critical thinking, imagination, and best of all, time to reconnect with the ones you love. Plus, not many gifts can be enjoyed over and over again like a good game! Here are the best-selling board games (vetted by our experts) at the top of everyone’s wishlist this season.

Sushi Go!

2-5 Players | 15-30 minutes | Age: 8+ | $

Kicking things off with one of our best sellers! Sushi Go is easy to learn, fast to play, and conveniently comes in a stocking-sized package. Can you build the most delicious plate of sushi from the conveyor belt? Keep an eye on what other players are collecting, as they might try to grab that piece of Maki you really needed! Bring more to the table with Sushi Go! Party, or upgrade to a full tabletop experience with Sushi Roll.

Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition

2-6 Players | 60-90 minutes | Age: 12+ | $$

A new twist on a holiday classic! It's time to put your party's knowledge of the world’s greatest roleplaying game to the test. Inside, you'll find a whopping 1800 questions across 6 categories, a customized game board, and pieces themed around the most iconic D&D creatures. Enjoy trivia at home for years to come, and maybe pick up a tip or two for the next time you're face-to-face with a stingy sphinx.

Anomia (All Versions)

3-6 Players | 15-30 minutes | Age: 10+ | $

Some of the most sensational games take a super simple premise and turn it into a real challenge. Anomia tests your ability to recall information at the drop of a hat and name examples from a random category faster than your opponent. It's harder than you think to name a fish, a celebrity, then a restaurant all on the fly! Try Anomia: Party Edition for cascading effects across 6 new decks, or Anomia: Pop Culture to see who can out-reference the other!

Shipwreck Arcana Expansion Bundle

2-5 Players | 15-30 minutes | Age: 12+ | $

This game will catch your eye with its gorgeous geometric tarot-card style… then it'll steal your heart once you dive into the cooperative mind-reading puzzles! You must guess your teammates numbers from 1-7 while they silently give you hints on the board. With just a pinch of telepathy, you can un-doom the world together! It's a truly fantastic 2-player game… but it also plays up to 5! Grab our bundle with the expansion for more hint cards and unique goodies.


2-7 Players | 45-60 minutes | Age: 10+ | $$

For a fresh change of pace, try this asymmetric spooky title! One player plays as a ghost sending visions to a group of mediums, hoping to finally get their murder solved. Interpret the strange yet mesmerizing images as a team and guess the guilty party, location of the crime, and murder weapon. You can support your friends’ guesses even if you take a different route. Be the hero of the spirit realm and help those ghoulies rest in peace!

Smash Up: 10th Anniversary Edition

2-4 Players | 45-60 minutes | Age: 12+ | $$

Celebrate the beloved shuffle-and-play game with a new set! Create hilarious combinations like Mermaids & Sheep or World Champion Skeletons, then fight your rival to take control. This series is perfect for kids and nerdy adults alike, and every Smash Up expansion you buy adds dozens of unique combinations. The 10th Anniversary box comes with a limited-edition coin and a beautiful Smash Up art book, too.

Marvel Dice Throne (Captain Marvel vs. Black Panther & Black Widow vs. Doctor Strange)

2-4 Players | 30-45 minutes | Age: 8+ | $$

Dice Throne is a great gift for Marvel fans, lovers of dice-based shenanigans, and even the old schoolers who just wanna scream "Yahtzee!". It’s a dice-throwing game (get it?) where each player chooses a character with unique abilities and actions based on how well they roll every turn. Pick up a few boxes and you'll have a whole team of Avengers to fight! Try it 1v1, with teams, or free for all up to 6 players!

This year, give the gift of time together. Come to Mox on a chilly afternoon, enjoy a delicious lunch, and finish your holiday shopping list in one go! Our staff have handpicked their favorite titles, and they’re even 10% off. If you’re looking for something different, our brilliant retail staff can help you find the perfect game in minutes. 

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