Mox Spotlight August: Renegade Games
  • Jul 30th 2021
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox Spotlight August: Renegade Games

Back again by popular demand, Renegade Games, is our Mox Spotlight for August.

Renegade Games publishes a diverse, fun, and extremely popular range of games. Their mission? "To publish games that are fun, challenging, and unique. We believe that gaming is for everybody and that everybody is a gamer; you may have just not found that right game yet!" And with some of their titles being best sellers at Mox it's safe to say they're on target. Keep reading to find out more about some of our favorite titles.

Clank! In! Space!

Can you and your comrades sneak onto the flagship of evil Lord Eradikus, hack your way through, and steal his treasures? You'll have to be quiet, any little sound will attract the attention of Lord Eradikus. So stay quiet, collect allies along the way, and gather any extra loot you can find. If you are quieter than the other players you might just get out alive. Based on the game Clank! this deck-building game is great for 2-4 players who love science fiction, card drafting, and suspense!

Power Rangers: Deck-Building Game

Ready for a blast from the past? Well, it's here with the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game! This is a 2 v 2 game where two players assume the roles of two heroes and two players assume the roles of two villains (this game can also be 1 v1). each side's goal? Crush your enemy! So get started on building up your deck to allow you to unleash a powerful Megazord or Master attack. The first team to reduce their opponent to 0 hit points wins.

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition

Return to the World of Darkness with the 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade. This new edition is brought to you by Renegade Games, which also just released Vampire Rivals, an expandable card game. The game has been updated for the modern era and features a greater focus on the eternal thirst for blood that curses all vampires. Will you hold onto the last vestiges of your humanity, or will you fall to the Beast?

Bargain Quest

This party game for 2-6 players is fun for the whole family, best for ages 8 and up. This game is an adventure in capitalism, each player assumes the role of a shopkeeper in a fantasy adventure town. You draft items to sell to adventurers that will then go to battle with your items and represent your store. In their battles, they will earn treasure and prestige for you. The winner? The one with the most prestige and gold of course.

Throughout August we’re offering 10% off all Renegade Game Studios games. Our knowledgeable staff will match a game from their lineup to your needs to impress for your next game night. And while you’re in, grab some food and drink! All Mox restaurants are now open, and we can’t wait to have you play at our table again. Don’t forget to check back in later this month for our interview with Renegade Games to find out more about their inner workings.

-See you at Mox!