• Mox Spotlight March: Pencil First Games
    • Mar 1st 2023
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight March: Pencil First Games

    March is here, and so is our new Mox Spotlight: Pencil First Games! All March long all Pencil First Games titles are 10% off, so it's time to add some new games to your collection. Pencil First Games has several much-loved nature inspired titles such as Floriferous and Herbaceous, perfect for the cusp of Spring. Their games are beautiful, high-quality, and relaxing to play, with most titles having a solo mode so you can play even if you can't get the whole crew together on game night. These are some of our favorites: Floriferous1-4 Players | Age 14+ | 20 minsThis fast set-collecting game is perfect for a day of reading books, birdwatching, and sipping hot tea. The art is in beautifully illustrated watercolors and the components are wooden, making for a tactile and immersive
  • Mox Spotlight February: Lookout Games
    • Feb 1st 2023
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight February: Lookout Games

    Welcome to February! We're taking this months Mox Spotlight spot to celebrate a true classic - Lookout Games. Time to indulge in some tried and tested titles including Caverna, Isle of Skye, Patchwork, and Barenpark - and as usual, you can get 10% off all Lookout Games titles ALL MONTH LONG!Caverna1-7 Players | Age 12+ | 120 mins If you're looking for a euro game to satisfy the whole gaming group Caverna is the game for you. This game can accommodate up to 7 players but also makes a great solo experience. In Caverna you work to cultivate the best resources and surroundings you can by digging further into the mountain and expanding your cave and, cultivating the forest outside your cave, or developing pastures and live stock. Isle of Skye2-5 Players | Age 8+ | 90 minsIn
  • Mox Spotlight January: Rio Grande Games
    • Jan 1st 2023
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight January: Rio Grande Games

    A new year means a new Mox Spotlight! Perfect for the colder months we're highlighting Rio Grande Games. Time to enjoy some hot tea and play away the dark nights with some classic titles.  We’re highlighting much loved titles including Dominion, Concordia, Race for the Galaxy - and as usual, you can get 10% off all Rio Grande Games titles ALL MONTH LONG!Dominion2-4 Players | Age 13+ | 45 mins This true, classic deck-builder is excellent for brand new players getting into deck building games, but also has epic staying power. With many expansions this game stays fresh for years and years of regular play. In Dominion you compete with the other players to build of a powerful kingdom, but in the end there can only be one winner. Concordia2-5 Players | Age 13+ | 120
  • Mox Spotlight December: Staff Picks
    • Dec 1st 2022
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight December: Staff Picks

    As per tradition, in December, we always shake things up from our regular Mox Spotlight routine. Rather than choosing one specific publisher, we shift the spotlight to highlighting our favorite games. We asked our staff to pick the most fun games that they recommend playing with friends and family over the holidays. Stop by Mox this month to receive a 10% discount on any titles mentioned in this blog post.Mox Staff Favorite Games When undecided about what game you should pick up next there is no better resource to help you choose than Mox. We are experts with countless game-play hours under our belts. On a daily basis, we research new games, read about them, watch videos, and teach them to our customers. Keep reading to find out more about our favorites.Xander (Retail Sales Associate
  • Mox Spotlight November: Indie Boards and Cards
    • Nov 1st 2022
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight November: Indie Boards and Cards

    Let's get festive with a new Mox Spotlight for November! Perfect for the Holiday season we are focusing on on a Publisher that makes some of our best selling titles: Indie Boards and Cards. We’re highlighting much loved titles including Coup, Flash Point Fire Rescue, and Kodama —and as usual, you can get 10% off all Indie Boards and Cards titles ALL MONTH LONG!Flash Point Fire Rescue - This game is a perfect game for family game night, great for 2-6 players age 10 and up. In Flash Point Fire Rescue you work together to save people and pets from a burning building, but watch out, fire is dangerous and could get you caught in a tight spot. Kodama - This game of tree spirits is not only beautiful but also calming and rewarding. In Kodama you assume the role of the tre
  • Mox Spotlight October: Ravensburger
    • Oct 1st 2022
    • Posted by Tony Pizzo

    Mox Spotlight October: Ravensburger

    We're kicking off spooky season with a bang! Get into the Halloween spirit with our October Mox Spotlight Ravensburger! We’re highlighting Ravensburger and their frightening games—and as usual, you can get 10% off Ravensburger titles ALL MONTH LONG! In our opinion, the best way to prepare for Halloween is to host a weekly game night ( maybe at Mox!) and play ghoulish games. Keep reading to find out about our favorites!Horrified American Monsters - Let’s start out strong with a co-operative game all about classic American monsters! Battle Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, the Banshee or even Mothman. Don't worry though, you're not alone; you and the other players will work together to save the town of Cross Creek from these legendary American cryptids. Villainous- Ok, but reall
  • Mox Spotlight September: Big Potato Games
    • Sep 8th 2022
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight September: Big Potato Games

    Mox is back with another monthly Spotlight! This month, we’re highlighting Big Potato Games – get ready for some epic pop culture games to hit our shelves. These games are all about making game night fun, energetic, and filled with laughter. Big Potato Games was established in 2013 but three friends in the Marketing Industry, they self describe their roles as "Dean looks after the numbers, Ben draws the pictures, and Tris writes the words".Blockbuster- This game is so cool and is actually packaged to look like a real Blockbuster movie case. Not only is this a super fun movie trivia game, it also comes with a buzzer!Snakesss- Who doesn't love a fast moving deduction party game? In Snakesss you can't simply trust everyone at the table, some are snakesss. You have two minutes to dis
  • Mox Now Offers Buy Online Pick-Up In Store
    • Aug 11th 2021
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Now Offers Buy Online Pick-Up In Store

    Hold on tight, we have an exciting announcement for you… ready? We are so thrilled to announce that we have a brand new Mox Boarding House website with a brand now feature: Buy Online Pick-Up In Store. Take a look around, it’s awesome!Brand New Mox Boarding House WebsiteOver the last year we’ve taken the time to update our much-loved website and updated with new features, beautiful images, and made it more user friendly. You can expect all the same great options as before: viewing our menus, signing up for events, booking private rooms. But we’ve also added something new: Buy Online Pick Up In-Store.Buy Online Pick-up In StoreThat’s right, we now have an online shop on our website, you can get all the best games from Mox directly from the comfort of your couch. We are offering Buy Online P