Mox Spotlight August: Studio H
  • Aug 2nd 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell

Mox Spotlight August: Studio H

It’s August, time to feature another new game-maker! This month we’re taking a trip abroad with Paris-based Studio-H, meaning you can 10% off their titles. All of their games are made with care by industry veterans, accompanied by gorgeous art and are intended for players of all kinds! But if you haven’t heard of their work, let us tell you about some of our favorites: 


2-4 players | Age 8+ | 60-120 mins

If you’re looking for a scenario-drive fantasy game, look no further. Oltréé puts you in the boots of a Patrol Corps member, responsible for protecting the empire from monsters, exploring the wilderness for lost treasure, and connecting communities. In doing so you’ll be faced with many choices. Do you focus on collecting resources? Do you head to the front and engage in battle? Either way, the Chronicle gradually progresses, forcing you to confront new challenges.


2-4 players | Age 10+ | 30-45 mins

Imagine you discovered a continent untouched by human hands, filled with never-before seen life. Then you get to explore these wild lands on the first expedition there. That’s the premise behind this card collection game, which is full of intense action. You’ll try to find the greatest creature and complete objectives by the end of 7 turns. And the person who comes out ahead becomes a world-renowned explorer, probably!

Northgard: Uncharted Lands

2-5 players | Age 13+ | 45-90 mins

This viking clan always has a choice. Do you claim your fair share of uncharted lands by exploring, fighting or developing bountiful territories? The path forward is in your hands when you play this fast-paced deck building game. Each session will feel different as players adapt their tactics to an ever-changing, modular board. The only certainty is the approach of a harsh winter, so you’d better claim fame for your clan before it strikes.


2-5 players | Age 10+ | 15-30 mins

Everyone starts off with the same deck in this game, but making the right choice at the opportune time is the only way to win. So to set your new village up for success, it’s important to optimize the development of your ever expanding territory before your opponents can do the same. But whoever earns the most points after nine rounds gets to unite the tribes under their banner!


3-5 players only | Age 10+ | 30-60 mins

It’s up to you and your fellow Shamans to restore harmony to the world, but that requires picking a side. With some old fashioned ingenuity, you can beat your rivals in this game of hidden roles, competitive play and an original card playing mechanic. Just be sure you stop the Shadows without tripping over your own plans.

These games all offer untold, replayable adventure, and they’re 10% off throughout August. Don't forget to check out our event calendars and try these games out before heading home with your own copy. And sign up for our newsletter right here for regular updates on upcoming sales, events and news.

In the meantime we’ll see you at Mox!