Mox Spotlight February: Cooperative Games
  • Feb 1st 2024
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Spotlight February: Cooperative Games

This February, Mox is spotlighting cooperative games! That’s right, not every game needs to be a competition, and these games are all about coming together to achieve a common goal...with maybe a dash of making sure your own goals are met as well. There’s a wide range of cooperative board games, and we’ve got a selection of some of the best here for you to check out. Stop by Mox to get 10% off cooperative games this month! 


2-4 Players | Age: 13 | 30-45 min

Decorum is a game where you and your roommates just want to decorate your home together. Easy right? As anyone who’s ever had a disagreement in IKEA can tell you, things can get complicated fast, as you both have different goals in mind and communicating exactly what you want can be tricky. Can you all find a way to compromise, or is it time to start looking for new roommates?

Forbidden Games

2-5 Players | Age: 10 | 45-60 min

There's a long line of Forbidden games, each one detailing a daring adventure where your team must work together to retrieve an artifact, solve a mystery, or simply survive! In Forbidden Jungle, the latest game in the series, you have crash landed on a jungle planet, and need to figure out how to find and power up an escape portal before the venomous aliens find you or the ruins collapse!

The Night Cage

1-5 Players | Age: 14 | 45-60 min

If you want a little more thrill to your cooperative games, Night Cage is a horror-themed experience that traps your group in a dark labyrinth, with only a few dim, sputtering candles to help you find your way and escape. You must find the Gate, the Key, and escape together. But anything can happen in the dark, and the maze shifts as your candlelight illuminates what’s just ahead. Will you survive?

Too Many Cooks 

2-6 Players | Age: 10 |15-30 min

A lighthearted game about a group of chefs working together to create a nice soup. You have a group goal for how the soup should taste...but you also have your own goals for how YOU think the soup should taste. Can you all make it work, or will this soup get burned?


1-6 Players | Age: 10 | 45-60 min

The Unlock series of games functions as the at-home equivalent of an escape, a series of quick adventures you and your group must puzzle your way through. Heroic Adventures is a good place to start, with three distinct scenarios to solve. Will you unlock the solution, or be stumped by the puzzle before you?

Now Boarding 

2-5 Players | Age: 10 | 40-60 min

Can you and your friends successfully run an airline? Each of you is in charge of your own plane, picking up and delivering passengers to their destinations. Each round, more passengers arrive. Can you all work together, coordinate routes, and make sure everyone has the trip of their dreams?

Cooperative games come in every kind of genre and playstyle, so there’s sure to be something out there to scratch whatever gaming itch you have. Playing a game together takes on a whole new meaning when you’re all on the same team! Available at your local Mox, all month you can get 10% off any Cooperative games. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletters here. Happy exploring!

-See you at Mox