Mox Spotlight February: Lookout Games
  • Feb 1st 2023
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox Spotlight February: Lookout Games

Welcome to February! We're taking this months Mox Spotlight spot to celebrate a true classic - Lookout Games. Time to indulge in some tried and tested titles including Caverna, Isle of Skye, Patchwork, and Barenpark - and as usual, you can get 10% off all Lookout Games titles ALL MONTH LONG!


1-7 Players | Age 12+ | 120 mins

If you're looking for a euro game to satisfy the whole gaming group Caverna is the game for you. This game can accommodate up to 7 players but also makes a great solo experience. In Caverna you work to cultivate the best resources and surroundings you can by digging further into the mountain and expanding your cave and, cultivating the forest outside your cave, or developing pastures and live stock. 

Isle of Skye

2-5 Players | Age 8+ | 90 mins

In 2016 this title won the renown Kennerspiel des Jahres, simply put, Expert Game of the Year. An award every eruo game designer aims to earn. 

In Isle of Skye players assume the roles of different Clan Chieftains in the Scottish highlands. The goal of the game is to earn more victory points than the other players. This game has a dynamic economy system of buying and selling landscape tiles in order to earn money and establishing clan territory which in turn grants victory points. 

Patchwork - Valentine Edition

2 Players | Age 8+ | 30 mins

Yes, you read that right, there is a Valentines version of the classic quilting game, Patchwork! Celebrate Valentines day with a romantic date night, great food, and Patchwork Valentine Edition this year. It's not just the name that got the Valentines treatment, in this edition you're assembling the best box of delicious chocolates for your partner! 


2-4 Players | Age 8+ | 45 mins

From the creator of Imhotep, Barenpark lets your build your very own... wait for it.... Bear Park! But Barenpark isn't just about Polar Bears and Koalas, remember to claim your building permits to expand the park, you're going to need more space to toilet facilities, and food and beverage for your guests. This game is a fun puzzle of building the most efficient park with the resources you have. 

All these games (and way more) are 10% off all February long, so keep an eye on the event calendars of Mox Seattle, Mox Bellevue, and Mox Portland for fun opportunities to learn these games firsthand!

See you at Mox!