Mox Spotlight January: Catan
  • Jan 2nd 2024
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Spotlight January: Catan

2024 is here, and it’s a good time to look back, reflect, and maybe revisit some old favorites. With that in mind, January’s Mox Spotlight is Catan! The venerable board game that got thousands into the hobby has a lot more to offer than just the base game, and this month we’re showing off the entire breadth of experience that Catan has in store!

Catan5-6 Player Extension

The original that started a revolution in the board game industry. This masterpiece of resource management and route building optimization remains a great way to introduce people into the hobby or spend some time with a group of friends. The 5-6 Player expansion allows for even greater strategy, as the resources available are spread thinner between more players!

Catan Traveler Edition

The same great game in a smaller, easy-to-carry (or pack) box! Requiring half the space to store as the traditional version of the game, and filled with clever design choices to make playing in cramped spaces a breeze, the Traveler Edition of Catan is a must-have for the board gamer on the go!

Catan Junior

While it’s never too early to get into board games, some games can be a difficult draw for the younger crowd. Enter Catan Junior, a slimmed-down version of the traditional Catan game! No settlers building cities to be found here, instead, players ages 6 and up take on the role of pirates building hideouts! Fun for kids and adults alike, Catan Junior is a true family game.

Catan – Traders & Barbarians (w/ 5-6 Player Extension)

Featuring 4 new variant ways to play including a rewarding 2-player mode, the Traders & Barbarians Expansion adds a ton of replay value to the base Catan game. With several new characters, special events, tiles, and capabilities to explore this first expansion is the perfect way to breathe new life into your Catan play!

Catan – Cities & Knights (w/ 5-6 Player Extension)

Further expanding the adventures to be found on Catan, Cities & Knights adds new resources, new goals, metropolises to build, and raiders that can attack your smaller settlements and cities! With a whole new dimension added to the strategy of the game, even veteran players will need to adjust to the brand-new challenge!

Catan – Explorers & Pirates(w/ 5-6 Player Extension)

The Explorers & Pirates Expansion adds five new scenarios to the game, each with a unique goal that will change how you think about your strategy. With each scenario building upon the last, harbor settlements, overseas exploration, fishing, and even more are introduced into the world and gameplay of Catan!

Catan – Seafarers(w/ 5-6 Player Expansion)

No longer content with a single island to settle? The Seafarers Expansion to Catan is exactly what you’re looking for! Establish Sea lanes, explore uncharted isles, discover the valuable hidden gold fields, and establish yourself as the true power within the Isles of Catan!


Catan is a rich and vast world of a game to explore, and its continued popularity after all these years is a testament to the fun found within! Available at your local Mox, all month you can get 10% off any Catan title or expansion. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletters here. Happy exploring!

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