Mox Spotlight January: Rio Grande Games
  • Jan 1st 2023
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox Spotlight January: Rio Grande Games

A new year means a new Mox Spotlight! Perfect for the colder months we're highlighting Rio Grande Games. Time to enjoy some hot tea and play away the dark nights with some classic titles.  We’re highlighting much loved titles including Dominion, Concordia, Race for the Galaxy - and as usual, you can get 10% off all Rio Grande Games titles ALL MONTH LONG!


2-4 Players | Age 13+ | 45 mins 

This true, classic deck-builder is excellent for brand new players getting into deck building games, but also has epic staying power. With many expansions this game stays fresh for years and years of regular play. In Dominion you compete with the other players to build of a powerful kingdom, but in the end there can only be one winner. 


2-5 Players | Age 13+ | 120 mins

Concordia is a economic action selection game set in ancient roman times. Players rely on strategy instead of random rolls of dice and cards. Can you build the strongest dynasty and outpace the other players  with a better trade network? Or gain higher favor from the Gods? 

Race for the Galaxy

2-4 Players | Age 12 + | 60 mins 

Time to go to space! Race for the Galaxy is a fun, quick game, in which players explore the galaxy, conquer worlds and expand their empire to dominate over the other players. This game has plenty of replayability too with dozens of different starting worlds! Looking for something a little different? Check out Roll for the Galaxy, the dice rolling version. 

All these games (and way more) are 10% off all January long, so keep an eye on the event calendars of Mox Seattle, Mox Bellevue, and Mox Portland for fun opportunities to learn these games firsthand!

See you at Mox!