Mox Spotlight July: CMON Games
  • Jul 1st 2024
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Spotlight July: CMON Games

We’re in the swing of summer heading into July, and this month Mox Boarding House’s spotlight on CMON. Starting in 2001 as CoolMiniOrNot, a community miniatures site, in 2011 CMON got into the boardgame and tabletop business, focusing on games featuring high-quality miniatures with fun, engaging gameplay. All July long, you can get 10% off of any CMON game at your local Mox. Here’s a selection of what they have to offer:

Sheriff Of Nottingham

3-6 Players | Age 14+ | 45-60 min

This bluffing game puts players in the role of either a merchant come to Nottingham to sell their wares, or the Sheriff, who has been tasked by Prince John to make sure no contraband is being sold at the market. The merchants, of course, might have some contraband, but if the Sheriff has to pay a penalty if they search the wares of an honest merchant. Can you come away from the market with the most money?

Modern Art

3-5 Players | Age 10+ | 45-60 min

Reiner Knizia’s classic high stakes art auction game gets a modern makeover! You control a world class museum and hope to make a pretty penny by buying and selling masterpieces of modern art over four rounds. Good taste will only get you so far in this art world – a cutthroat business sense will ensure your museum walks away with the most money.


1-6 Players | Age 14+ | 45-90 min

In the middle of the Zombie apocalypse, you and your group of survivors must work together to live to see another day. You need to complete a set of objectives in different scenarios before you escape, using your time and actions wisely – you can spend time mowing down a horde of zombies, but more are coming, in bigger and bigger waves. You’re going to have to think your way out of this one!

Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City

1-5 Players | Age 14+ | 90-120 min

In a dystopian, tech-riddled future, can you lead your ruthless gang to the top of the Night City underworld? Earn money, supplies, and Street Cred both in the meat world and on the net to prove your dominance and delete the competition!

Dune: War For Arrakis

1-4 Players | Age 14+ | 120+ min

In this strategic area control game, players control factions of either House Harkonnen or House Atreides in an asymmetric struggle for control of the planet Arrakis and control of the spice. Will you join the Harkonnens, using vehicles and tech to bend the environment to your will? Or will you aid the Atreides, who use the desert and the locals to their advantage?

If you like your board games to be filled to the brim with attention to detail, enjoy strategic and tactical gameplay, and think high-quality sculpted miniatures are just nifty, then you should definitely check out the full CMON library. And with the Mox Spotlight 10% discount on all CMON games, now’s the perfect time to head over to your local Mox, try one out from our Game Library, and take one (or two...or three) home! Sign up for our newsletter here to keep up with everything Mox.