Mox Spotlight July: Steve Jackson Games
  • Jun 30th 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell

Mox Spotlight July: Steve Jackson Games

It’s July, which means we’re halfway through another wonderful year of gaming. To celebrate, why don’t you come on in and treat yourself to… more games! After all, this month we’re spotlighting Steve Jackson Games, which means you can get 10% off some of the best titles we have to offer. Munchkin is a household name at this point, but there is a lot of other fun to be had. Be sure to check these titles next time you come in for a visit:


3-6 players | Age 10+ | 60-120 mins

Do you want to distill the best parts of Dungeons and Dragons into a tight, combat-driven experience? Then Munchkin is the game for you! Explore dungeons, betray your friends and mow through hordes of monsters as you pick up sweet loot in this hit card game. By the time you’re done, you’ll either be decked out like a legendary hero or slain in your glorious pursuit of victory. That’s a good time no matter what.

Zombie Dice

2-99 players | Age 10+ | <15 mins

Being a zombie is easy. You eat brains and avoid getting your head blown off. The trick is rolling lucky enough to feast more than your opponents. That’s because the dice determine your fate in this quick game that’s perfect for zombie fans.

Illuminati (Second Edition)

2-8 players | Age 12+ | 60-120 mins

Uncover conspiracies while becoming part of one yourself. And if you can amass enough wealth or power, you get to rule the world! Sounds like a good deal (for you), plus it’s way better to live out this fantasy on the table top than in real life. It’s also important to note that this edition brings Illuminati into the modern era with new references and art for its 110 cards.


3-6 players | Age 5+ | 15-30 mins

You are a lowly slime (yay)! But you want to be a cube, right? Well, roll the dice and get growing. First one to reach the right shape wins. Everyone else is lunch!

Car Wars

2-4 players only | Age 10+ | >120 mins

What would happen if the government collapsed? Car Wars posits we’d revert to the lawless days of the wild west, except with cars and machine guns instead of horses and six shooters. And since it does sound more fun to customize your hot ride with the biggest blasters than finding a horseshoe that fits, we can wholly recommend this battle to dominate the road.

That’s it for our recommendations this month, and remember these titles and more are 10% throughout July. And if you keep an eye on the event calendars you can try out these games yourself before heading home with a copy of your own. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, you can do so right here for regular updates on upcoming sales, events and news.

In the meantime, we’ll see you at Mox!