Mox Spotlight March: Pencil First Games
  • Mar 1st 2023
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Mox Spotlight March: Pencil First Games

March is here, and so is our new Mox Spotlight: Pencil First Games! All March long all Pencil First Games titles are 10% off, so it's time to add some new games to your collection. Pencil First Games has several much-loved nature inspired titles such as Floriferous and Herbaceous, perfect for the cusp of Spring. Their games are beautiful, high-quality, and relaxing to play, with most titles having a solo mode so you can play even if you can't get the whole crew together on game night. These are some of our favorites: 


1-4 Players | Age 14+ | 20 mins

This fast set-collecting game is perfect for a day of reading books, birdwatching, and sipping hot tea. The art is in beautifully illustrated watercolors and the components are wooden, making for a tactile and immersive experience. In Floriferous you explore a wonderful garden full of colorful luscious flowers of all kinds. Make the perfect bouquet by picking, arranging, and combining flowers. 

The Whatnot Cabinet

1-4 Players | Age 8+ | 30 mins

Have you ever wanted to create your own cabinet of curiosities filled with treasures and trinkets from your life and journeys? In The Whatnot Cabinet you can! Draft and collect artifacts such as gems, shells, and leaves and place them in the rows and columns of your Whatnot Cabinet. The best arrangement by the end of the game wins! 

Skulk Hollow

2 Players | Age 8+ | 45 mins

Can the Foxen Heroes defeat the Legendary Guardian and win claim over these lands? Find out by playing Skulk Hollow. This is a beautifully designed asymmetric two player game with tactile wooden tokens and stunning art. The hero player will assemble their band of foxen, make their way across the map, then climb the behemoth Guardian in a bid to take them down. On the other side, the Guardian uses their powers and abilities to either eliminate the entire foxen band or take out the foxen ruler. Who will reign victor and rule the lands of Børe? 

Sunset Over Water

1-4 Players | Age 8+ | 30 mins

Time to dust off your old paints and take them on a journey. In Sunset Over Water you travel to beautiful meadows, mountains, and beaches, painting sunsets along the way. Some of these paintings you add to your personal collection, others you sell for a commission. This game plays over 6 fast rounds of simultaneous planning, completing daily goals, and set collecting. 

All these games (and more) are 10% off all March long, so keep an eye on the event calendars of Mox Seattle, Mox Bellevue, and Mox Portland for fun opportunities to learn these games firsthand! Sign up for our newsletter here for regular updates on upcoming sales, events, and news. 

See you at Mox!