Mox Spotlight March: Puzzles
  • Mar 1st 2024
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Spotlight March: Puzzles

We’re shaking things up this March and won’t be spotlighting any board games this month...

...instead, we’ll be throwing the spotlight on our incredible selection of puzzles! Whether you enjoy putting puzzles together, solo, or with some help, Mox has you covered. From the whimsical to the surprisingly challenging, from expert-level sets to beginner boxes for small children, there’s a puzzle out there for everyone! Every puzzle at every Mox will be 10% off in March! Let’s take a quick look at some companies whose puzzles you can find in our stores.

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill puzzles come in a large range of themes and art styles, usually focusing on bright colors and busy scenes. From detailed artwork to delicate still life photography across a wide array of themes, there’s bound to be a puzzle perfect for everyone. And with puzzles ranging from 35-piece tray puzzles to 2000-piece endeavors, all ages can enjoy the puzzles made by Cobble Hill.


With a mission to create beautiful products to be enjoyed for generations and a commitment to sustainability, eeBoo is a company geared towards the ability of puzzles to bring people together. Aimed at kids building puzzles with their parents, eeBoo features a wide range of puzzle sizes and complexities to cater to any stage of development. Designed with the help of everyone from educational psychologists to kids themselves, every eeBoo puzzle is made with care.


Clementoni is an Italian, family-run company with puzzles for all ages. From softer toys meant for kids just beginning to toddle to 1000-piece puzzles for adults to ponder, Clementoni has all age ranges covered. And with a wide array of licensed properties and art featured on the puzzles, you are sure to be able to find a theme for anyone among your friends and family.


March’s spotlight sale doesn’t only cover the puzzles themselves, but also accessories such as puzzle glue, puzzle mats, various organizers, and more! And remember, every puzzle in our stores is eligible for the 10% spotlight discount, not just those by the companies we featured. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletters here. Happy exploring!

-See you at Mox