Mox Spotlight May: Rio Grande Games
  • May 1st 2024
  • Posted by Chris Cornejo

Mox Spotlight May: Rio Grande Games

May is here, and with the return of the flowers we welcome the return of a classic board game company to the Spotlight: Rio Grande Games! Responsible for publishing some of the most beloved board games of all time – we’ve got a small sampling of what they have to offer below but remember any Rio Grande Games game at any Mox location is going to be 10% off all month long!


2-4 Players | Age 13+ | 45 mins

This true, classic deck-builder is excellent for brand new players getting into deck building games, but also has epic staying power. With many expansions this game stays fresh for years and years of regular play. In Dominion you compete with the other players to build a powerful kingdom, but in the end, there can only be one winner.


2-5 Players | Age 13+ | 120 mins

Concordia is an economic action selection game set in ancient roman times. Players rely on strategy instead of random rolls of dice and cards. Can you build the strongest dynasty and outpace the other players with a better trade network? Or gain higher favor from the Gods?

Race for the Galaxy

2-4 Players | Age 12 + | 60 mins

Time to go to space! Race for the Galaxy is a fun, quick game, in which players explore the galaxy, conquer worlds and expand their empire to dominate over the other players. This game has plenty of replay value too, with dozens of different starting worlds! Looking for something a little different? Check out Roll for the Galaxy, the dice rolling version.


2-8 Players | Ages 14+ | 45-90 mins

Druids from different tribes compete within the Sacred Forest for the title of Archdruid! Each Player controls a Druid and his Animal Companion (a Wolf) and will have to harness the forces of Nature (made of the 4 Elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth), generate Magic Gems and activate a series of several Druidic Runes to succeed.

The Druid who activates the most powerful series of Runes will become the Archdruid of the Forest!


3-5 Players | Ages 8+ | 15-30 mins

Pictures is a quick-playing family game with very simple rules. You get a prompt for a picture, but instead of drawing it, you must use either shoelaces, colored cubes, icon cards, sticks and stones, or building blocks! Can you get the other players to guess what’s on your card?

Train Games

3-5Players | Ages 12-14+ | 30-90 mins

Rio Grande has a whole series of train-themed games, each one focused on a different geographic location and varying game mechanics! There’s Balkan Railways, Prussian Rails, Free Ride, Texas & Pacific, and more!

Rio Grande Games has been around for a long time, so there’s plenty more to choose from at your local Mox Boarding House than just what we have listed above! Come on in, pick the Rio Grande game that’s right for you, and get 10% off all May long. Sign up for our newsletter here to keep up with everything Mox. 

-See you at Mox