Mox Spotlight October: Ravensburger
  • Oct 1st 2022
  • Posted by Tony Pizzo

Mox Spotlight October: Ravensburger

We're kicking off spooky season with a bang! Get into the Halloween spirit with our October Mox Spotlight Ravensburger! We’re highlighting Ravensburger and their frightening games—and as usual, you can get 10% off Ravensburger titles ALL MONTH LONG! In our opinion, the best way to prepare for Halloween is to host a weekly game night ( maybe at Mox!) and play ghoulish games. Keep reading to find out about our favorites!

Horrified American Monsters - Let’s start out strong with a co-operative game all about classic American monsters! Battle Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, the Banshee or even Mothman. Don't worry though, you're not alone; you and the other players will work together to save the town of Cross Creek from these legendary American cryptids.

Villainous- Ok, but really, you can't tell me you've never wanted to see the most epic Disney villains duke it out! In this 2-6 player game, each player assumes the role of a villain, and there’s a lot to choose from. Each character has completely unique abilities from each other, making this game replayable over and over again. We’ve also got tons of expansions, adding many more villains from Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel!

Alien - Fate of the Nostromo - This action-packed game truly makes it feel like you're on a spaceship trying to survive encounters with a terrifying creature. The tension is constantly rising, your resources are limited, and you’ll swear you just saw something from the corner of your eye. Alien: Fate of the Nostromo is a 1-5 player co-op game that's sure to strike fear at your spooky Halloween game night.

Hocus Pocus - Ravensburger wins “Best Halloween Title” with this one! There is no better classic Halloween experience than sitting down with your treats and watching Hocus Pocus. This game's perfect for the whole family. You’ll work together to stop the Sanderson Sisters from draining the lives of Salem's children by ruining their poisonous potion.

All these games (and way more) are 10% off all October long, so keep an eye on the event calendars of Mox Seattle, Mox Bellevue, and Mox Portland for fun opportunities to learn these games firsthand!

See you at Mox!