Mox Spotlight September: Restoration Games
  • Aug 31st 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell

Mox Spotlight September: Restoration Games

How is it already September? At least that means it’s time to feature another new game-maker, Restoration Games. This month we’re embracing the past, which means all Restoration Games products are 10% off. Their guiding principles revolve around breathing new life into old favorites, doing those titles justice and doing good in the process. Surely one of their noble endeavors will have you saying “Oh yeah, I remember that game!”

Thunder Road: Vendetta

2-4 players | Age 10+ | 45-90 mins

Going back to 1986, this title is revved up and ready to roll. With your handy car, crew and all the guns along for the ride, you just need to stay on the road. The special part about this restoration are the new hazard tokens that add an element of randomness that makes the game more replayable. Turns are also more complex now, with additional options and deeper consequences for your choices.

Dinosaur Tea Party

3-5 players | Age 7+ | 15-30 mins

There’s nothing more embarrassing than not being able to match a name to the right (dinosaur) face! It’s just bad manners at a tea party. So if you want to get to know everyone, you better start asking the right questions. This game is perfect for fans of a good investigation, and the quick run time makes it easy to squeeze a game in during tea time. If you like "Guess Who" this is the game for you! 

Key to the Kingdom

2-5 players | Age 7+ | 30-60 mins

Become a hero and defeat the Demon King by exploring this ever-changing world full of charming faces and sights. Collect trusty items and quirky companions as you explore locals like the Evil Tower and defeat foes like the Sleeping Giant. Your goal is always to assemble the three pieces of a magical key to save the world. This game was also originally published in 1990, but this restored version will have you wanting to check out everything that’s changed.

Berried Treasure

2-5 players only | Age 7+ | 15-30 mins

Are you a hungry, little critter? Of course you are. Well then get over to the picnic table and grab as many baked treats as you can before someone comes to stop you! But in this fast paced, highly-interactive game everyone is trying to walk away with the biggest share of the pie.


2-4 | 9+ | 30-45 mins

What truly makes this game Unmatched is the wide range of options to pick from. Each version is an asymmetrical card-driven miniature fighting game, but you can pick between everything from the original characters of legend to the faces of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just pick your favorite theme and beat your opponents.

These games all offer a perfect window to the past or a restored opportunity for new gamers. Plus they’re all 10% off throughout September. Try them out at Mox by playing in our events. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for regular updates on upcoming sales, events, and news.

In the meantime we’ll see you at Mox!