Spooky Games Sale
  • Oct 12th 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell

Spooky Games Sale

Another Halloween approaches, so it’s time to get into the spooky spirit! And since everyone deserves a treat this year, we’re celebrating the season with 13% off our favorite horror board games, which are guaranteed to make you scream (with joy)! You can find this sale in-store only from 10/13 to 10/31, so there’s plenty of time to play.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

3-6 players | Age 12+ | 60-90 mins

Tons of classic scary stories start off with an abandoned house on a desolate hill, and now you can explore one yourself. Enter the betrayal house, if you dare, and try to work together to survive the nightmare. But be careful! One player will betray the others, and that’s when the real fun begins.


1-5 players | Age 10+ | 45-60 mins

There are a lot of monsters out there in the world, and this game makes it your job to defend the town of Cross Creek from lots of them. You can face down everyone from Bigfoot to the Chupacabra, and each enemy requires a different approach. The best part is you can adjust the difficulty to whatever suits your tastes.

The Hunger

2-6 players | Age 12+ | 60-90 mins

Everyone is hungry for something on Halloween (usually candy), but how about some blood? Then you can run the labyrinth of Hunger in this deck building game from Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield! Try to become the most powerful vampire before the sun rises by reaching the eternal roses. But the more you hunt, the slower you’ll become, meaning you’ll have to find the right balance.


2 players | Age 10+ | 30-45 mins

Not everything about Halloween has to be scary, but don’t let this game’s cuteness fool you — it can be a challenge! The goal is to position three cats in a row by raising them up from kittens. But every time anyone tries to put one kitten next to the other, they boop everyone else away by one space. So how do you solve this puzzle? That’s for you to figure out!

Mork Borg

Enter a dead world and fight against the odds to claw meaning from survival. This apocalyptic fantasy RPG leans on the Old School Renaissance genre, and you can play it as is or adapt it to your particular needs. But either way, your group of lost souls must navigate the bleak remains of reality as the world speeds every closer to its end. Can you find redemption in time, or even more unlikely, hope?

Lighthouse at the End of the World

In this RPG, it’s your job to tend to a lighthouse at the edge of civilization. But between the loneliness, the violent weather, the nearby penal colony and a legion of unquiet dead, it’s not clear whether you’ll live or die. Either way, armed with only a few tools, you must document the danger all around and unravel the mysteries of your ghostly companions and even your own self.

Forbidden Jungle

2-5 players | Age 10+ | 45-60 mins

You know what they say about space: no one can hear you scream. But when you land on this game’s mysterious jungle planet, you’ll wish someone would come rescue you. Instead, you’ll have to work together to survive the ever-growing horde of venomous creatures and escalating chain of collapsing locations. Can you power up the escape portal and make it back home?

Arkham Horror LCG and Board Game

1-4 players | Age 14+ | 60-120+ mins

There are lots of ways to visit the dreary town of Arkham, Massachusetts. Try the Living Card Game if you’d prefer to let the luck of the draw help you face down a realm of untold horrors. But if the board game is the way you want to go, buckle up for an adventure that will either save or doom the world. Either way, the Ancient Ones are breaking loose and your team of investigators is our last line of defense. It’s time to find the clues and defeat the monsters before time runs out.

Vampire the Masquerade (all RPG titles in the "Blood" line)

In the Masquerade, every vampire is out for themselves. So walk the line between your hunger for blood and your ambitions for supremacy as you navigate throughout the ultimate personal and political RPG. There are lots of different ways to reach the top, so pick your favorite and start scheming.

Monster of the Week

This standalone action-horror RPG puts you in the shoes of your favorite paranormal investigators. Do you want to rid the local high school of beasts or travel the countryside dealing with unnatural cryptids? You could also always head up a government investigation and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. As long as you’re on the hunt, the choice is yours.

Final Girl

1 players | Age 14+ | 30-60 mins

Become the star of the horror film of your choice as you try to survive this highly-thematic and ever-changing game. Whichever enemy you’re stacked up against, can you eliminate the killer and survive the night? Only your clever choices will decide.

If you’re unsure which scare suits you best, come on down and give one a try before taking it home. And whichever you pick, you can walk away knowing you got a horrifyingly good deal with 13% off! Meanwhile, to keep up with all our other offers in the coming holiday season, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates!

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