• First Look at The Army Painter by a Pro Painter
    • Jul 22nd 2022
    • Posted by Mer Behan

    First Look at The Army Painter by a Pro Painter

    This month’s Mox Spotlight is perfect for me (Mer Behan - Purchaser at Mox Boarding House) – I love painting miniatures. I’ve been assembling/painting miniatures for over twenty years and paint ranges, techniques, and styles have only improved. Right now is an amazing time to get into miniature wargaming or collecting and at Mox this month you get 10% off all The Army Painter products. Earlier this year The Army Painter released a new paints range – Speedpaint. They’ve always had great ways to get your army tabletop ready, but this is different. A perfect chance for me to try out many The Army Painter products for the first time. First up is assembly. I used a few different tools here – The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter, Hobby Knife, and Plastic Glue
  • Mox Spotlight July: The Army Painter
    • Jul 1st 2022
    • Posted by Nelly Steiner

    Mox Spotlight July: The Army Painter

    Ready for a brand-new Mox Spotlight? *drumroll* We’re excited to announce that The Army Painter is our feature for the month of July! The Army Painter is a power house of a publisher not only focusing on producing incredible minis paints, a full time of hobby tools, primers, and basing supplies. All The Army Painter products are 10% off at Mox throughout the month of July. Let’s take a closer look at The Army Painter products you can find at Mox.The Army Painter has a huge selection of Warpaints with over 124 different paints in spill-proof 18ml dropper bottles. No matter what you’re painting, these colors have you covered. Additionally, they also make color primer specifically formulated to produce a fine spray with excellent coverage. These primers are 100% color matched to their