First Look at The Army Painter by a Pro Painter
  • Jul 22nd 2022
  • Posted by Mer Behan

First Look at The Army Painter by a Pro Painter

This month’s Mox Spotlight is perfect for me (Mer Behan - Purchaser at Mox Boarding House) – I love painting miniatures. I’ve been assembling/painting miniatures for over twenty years and paint ranges, techniques, and styles have only improved. Right now is an amazing time to get into miniature wargaming or collecting and at Mox this month you get 10% off all The Army Painter products.

Earlier this year The Army Painter released a new paints range – Speedpaint. They’ve always had great ways to get your army tabletop ready, but this is different. A perfect chance for me to try out many The Army Painter products for the first time.

First up is assembly. I used a few different tools here – The Army Painter Plastic Frame CutterHobby Knife, and Plastic Glue. The plastic frame cutters helped me remove the models from the plastic sprue. I find cleaning the model’s mold lines with a hobby knife to be important – it makes the figure look clean and since I was planning to use Speedpaints, I wanted to make sure the paint went into the right nooks and crannies. Both tools felt comfortable in my hands, and I never slipped when using them. And lastly, the plastic glue. Their plastic glue has a nice nozzle, so it was easy to get just the right amount of glue on the figures without the glue spilling out onto other parts.

I’ve used a few of The Army Painter’s primers in the past and have always liked the coverage and color matching of their Warpaints line. TheColour Primer: Matt White did not disappoint. The white covered the two figures completely and I’m confident this will be a good undercoat for the Speedpaints.

Speedpaints were really interesting to use. They only need one layer vs the usual three to five I would normally use for a figure. Speedpaints require more precision when painting so I’ll be using two brushes from The Army Painter: Wargamer Brush: Character and Regiment. The Wargamer brush series have a triangular grip that works well with how I hold paint brushes and pens. These brushes can be bought in the TAP Wargames Mega Brush Set

So what did I think?

I felt that the Speedpaints sped up my painting by several hours. I didn’t do every detail but these models are definitely ready for the table. My favorite colors from the Speedpaints line are Blood Red, Hardened Leather, and Orc Skin. Gravelord Grey and Sand Golem were also standouts as they were my metallic stand-ins. The tools and brushes are excellent and have been part of my hobby kit for years. The Army Painter’s tufts are so cool and come in so many different types (one day I’ll find the perfect project for their meadow flower tufts).

Products used (all from The Army Painter): Speedpaint Mega Set, Warpaints Matt Black, Battlefields Basing Kit, Plastic Frame Cutter, Wargamer Character Brush, Wargamer Regiment Brush, Plastic Glue, Hobby Knife, Colour Primer Matt White.

Featuring models from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Octarius box set.

I painted both figures at the same time using only Speedpaints from the The Army Painter Mega Paint Set. I did a mini-assembly line style of painting where I painted all the black areas on both models at the same time, the metal bits on all models at the same, and so on. Since Speedpaints require you to “paint in the lines”, the assembly line method saves paint and time since I don’t need to go back with that paint once it is on the model. Even the small details like the skulls on the helmet, dials, and bullets really popped when the Speedpaints were used.

All these and more will be 10% off all month long! Keep an eye on our event calendars and join our Paint Jams to see some of these paints and tools in action firsthand! 

-See you at Mox!