Top 10 Board Game Gifts 2023
  • Nov 20th 2023
  • Posted by Jason Krell

Top 10 Board Game Gifts 2023

Unwrap the Fun with Mox Boarding House!

The holidays are racing towards us, and there's no time to waste on the usual gifts. Say goodbye to the guessing game and dive into the thrill of gifting with Mox Boarding House's top 10 games that are guaranteed to spark joy in every gamer's heart. Make this year unforgettable for your friends and loved ones—courtesy of Mox! Don't forget to stop by this Black Friday for great deals from 11/24/23 through 12/01/23! 

1. Queen By Midnight - Seize the Throne!

3-6 players | Ages: 12+ | 60-90 mins

The queen is gone, and it's your chance to ascend the throne through skill and deception. Dive into the world of deck building with this Darrington Press masterpiece that's bound to satisfy every strategist's cravings. 

2. Sagrada Artisans - Craft Your Legacy!

2-4 Players | Ages: 13+ | 45-60 mins 

Transform the ordinary into a legacy with Sagrada Artisans. Build a stunning stained glass artwork, where each play permanently alters the game. This holiday season, create a masterpiece that's uniquely yours.

3. Boop - Purrfect for Cat Lovers and Couples!

2 Players | Ages: 10+ | 15-30 mins 

Raise kittens and solve the booping puzzle in this adorable game for cat enthusiasts and couples. Can you get three cats in a row without being booped away? The challenge awaits! 

4. Micro Macro - Where's Waldo meets Crime City!

1-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 30-45 mins 

Become detectives in Crime City, solving mysteries and ensuring a happy holiday for all. It's like playing "Where's Waldo" as a board game—can you handle the challenge? 

5. Forged in the Dark RPG Trilogy - Choose Your World!

Blades in the DarkBand of BladesScum and Villainy 

Explore three unique RPGs with the same mechanics, set in fantasy realms ranging from haunted streets to space and military fantasies. Your adventure awaits—pick your world! 

6. Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West- Blaze a Trail to Victory!

2-5 players | Ages: 10+ | 60-90 minutes

Embark on a railway odyssey across North America in this legacy campaign. Manage your railway company through twelve games, completing tickets and mastering new skills. Designed by Rob Daviau, Matt Leacock, and Alan R. Moon, it offers a quick learning curve with an immersive narrative experience. Blaze a trail to victory, unlock frontier boxes, and seize wealth and fortune!

7. Expeditions: Ironclad Edition - Conquer the East Europan Unknown!

1-5 players | Ages: 14+ | 60-90 minutes 

Embark on a thrilling expedition into Siberia with the Ironclad Edition. Compete in this card-driven, engine-building game, exploring mysterious locations, overcoming challenges, and seeking glory. With 5 massive mech miniatures, over 100 uniquely illustrated cards, and a robust Automa solo mode, this adventure promises epic encounters and untold treasures. It's time to fund your own quest, conquer corruption, and emerge victorious in Expeditions!

8. Mox Tiger Hoodies - Stay Stylish and Warm!

Exclusive Mox Tiger hoodies Combat the cold in style with these exclusive Mox Tiger hoodies. Stay cozy and rep your favorite game store—winter has never looked this good! 

9. Norse Foundry Dice - Roll in Style!

Precious gemstone and special material dice Enhance your rolls with stunning gemstone and special material dice, including amethyst and bloodstone lapis lazuli. Whether it's a critical success or failure, make every roll a moment to remember! 

10. Pokémon Collector Boxes - Unleash the Joy!

Gift the thrill of cracking open a pack containing a first holographic Pokémon card. Bring joy to Pokémon enthusiasts with more of what they love—no one can resist the excitement of unwrapping a pack for the holidays! 

Now that you have the ultimate gift guide, seal the deal with a custom-designed Mox Holiday Greeting Card. Your special someone deserves to know where they can keep the fun rolling all year 'round. See you at Mox—let the gifting frenzy begin!

We look forward to seeing you at Mox this holiday season! There is no better gift to give than the gift of time together. And as always, make sure you come hungry! Our restaurant staff is ready and waiting to help refuel you after your shopping adventures! -See you at Mox