Valentines Day at Mox
  • Jan 31st 2024
  • Posted by Nelly Steiner

Valentines Day at Mox

It’s officially February! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, celebrate this special day with your loved one(s) at Mox with our amazing food and fun games.

Try out a new game!

If you and your partner(s) are looking for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day experience, head over to our Mox locations in Seattle (Ballard), Bellevue, or Portland for a romantic, delicious dinner and a specialty cocktail. Enjoy any of our hundreds of board games from our free Games Library, especially our cooperative games that reward you for acting together as one (we’ve got some ideas to get you started right here). Our retail specialists won’t just recommend the perfect game pairing for you — they’ll teach you how to setup and play right away, too! Then you can enjoy your time with that special someone without the hassle of learning and teaching a new game yourself.

Pick up a Unique Valentines Gift

Before you leave, make sure to browse our cooperative, pop-culture, and strategy sections in-store. Some of our favorites include One Deck Dungeon, an epic dice rolling, dungeon delving adventure game for two; The Duke, an abstract chess style game where pieces flip upside-down and change into new forms with every move; and a Valentine’s Day favorite, Fog of Love, where you can roleplay a Rom-Com movie relationship from the beginning and collaborate through the tough spots together. There are a bunch of Fog of Love expansion packs to keep things new and fresh. You can even ask “what if my partner’s a ghost?”.

We’ve got options from Norse Foundry Precious Dice, your favorite Squishables, EUGY Puzzles, or even starting a new hobby with a Speedpaint Starter Set - what’s nicer than an evening painting your minis together?

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Mox

With our friendly and cozy atmosphere, carefully selected menus with local craft beer and wine, and of course a built-in activity with our Games Library, Mox is the perfect getaway for your Valentine’s Day plans with that someone special. Your local Mox may even be planning a special event this Valentine’s Day weekend: 

  • Mox Bellevue is hosting a Paint and Sip couples event. Learn to paint minis with a loved one. We'll teach you the ropes and you get to enjoy a special dessert at the same time. Sign up before spots sell out!
  • Stop by Mox Portland for a special blind date with a board game. We have mystery board games wrapped up for you. Just let the sales associate know your budget and what you generally like so we can make sure it's a great fit. While you're there check out our delicious Valentine's Day special dessert - double chocolate red velvet cake, layered with orange chipotle buttercream and marmalade. Yummy!

We look forward to seeing you, and happy Valentine’s Day!

-See you at Mox