Cocktails in Bellevue – Now Serving
  • Mar 18th 2021
  • Posted by KATIE MORANHA

Cocktails in Bellevue – Now Serving

Mox Boarding House is the ultimate stop for a fun night over a delicious meal that brings everyone closer together. Mox is a popular spot for happy hour after work, a night out with your friends, or spending some quality time with your family away from the screens. We offer a full-service sit down restaurant with an enticing menu, and serve local beer and wine. Now, we are taking that spirit with us to our own custom cocktail menu.

The Astrophysicist cocktail

So, if you’ve been ogling Mox Portland’s handcrafted cocktail menu, you’ll see a familiar drink named the Astrophysicist. It’s got Del Maguey Mezcal Vida and Amaro Nonino with simple syrup and lime juice. A great Mezcal forward cocktail with a hint of citrus and sweetness to balance it all out. You will be able to spot it out across the bar with its distinct orange color, and a gravity defying orange peel garnish.

But, don’t worry, we’re putting our own stamp on things. Take the Brigantine (pictured bellow), one of our very own creations. Its a rye cocktail with blood orange liqueur, and a punch of citrus that will save you from scurvy on the high seas.

A first look at the Brigantine cocktail in Bellevue

The rest of the cocktail menu in Bellevue includes curated drinks and twists on classic flavors. For the classics, we have the Pomegranate Mox-arita. It brings back memories of warm days and sitting out on a distant beach. It includes house-made sweet and sour, a mix of tequila and mezcal, and pomegranate liqueur with fresh lime juice. You can also look forward to an elderflower and absinthe cocktail (Enchantress), an Earl Grey cocktail (Doubloon), and a sweet Raspberry Lemon Drop all made in our Speakeasy.

The Speakeasy Behind a Bookshelf

There’s a secret room at Mox Bellevue that you may have missed. Next time you’re in Bellevue, take a look around and find the mysterious bookshelf by the restaurant. If you give it a push, you will be taken straight into a 1920’s not-so-secret Speakeasy, which features a beautiful mural and cocktail bar. Complete with era-themed posters and decorations, the Speakeasy is a must-see for anyone looking for a fun place to enjoy a drink in Bellevue.

Our Speakeasy is now a 21 and over only area where you can enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail while we get your table ready. You may have some initial questions, so we put together a FAQ for you, and will continue to update this as more questions pour in.

Speakeasy FAQ’s

When can I grab a drink?

You can enjoy cocktails in Bellevue anytime our restaurant is open. Check here on our locations page for our latest hours and updates.

Can you tell me more about your drink menu?

Our menu has a focus on signature cocktails using small batch liquors. You can look forward to fine spirits, such as Fistful of Bourbon, Ada Lovelace Gin, and The Classic Laddie. We will continue to serve local beer, wine, ciders, and mead. Feel free to give our restaurant a call before you stop by, or ask your waiter if you have any questions about our menu.

Can I take my drink over to the retail area?

No, cocktails and alcohol will not be allowed in the retail area.

Can we bring our children into the Speakeasy?

Our Speakeasy is now considered a 21+ area, similar to a bar, so we will not allow children in the Speakeasy. However, our main dining room, and the rest of the restaurant is welcome to everyone of all ages. Our thematic private rooms (Apothecary and Library) are available for you to rent out, and children are also welcome in those rooms. These rooms are perfect for birthday parties, family gatherings, or a private gaming session.

Do I have to be in the Speakeasy to drink?

While drinking in the Speakeasy sure adds a lot to the ambiance and experience, you do not have to be in the Speakeasy bar itself to have a cocktail. The Speakeasy will be open for guests with groups who are all 21+, but you can also order cocktails when seated in the restaurant or in our other private rooms.

The Doubloon

Ada Lovelace Gin pays homage to the first computer programmer

Tell Us About Your Favorite Cocktail

We are excited to serve you our signature cocktails the next time you stop by Mox Boarding House in Bellevue. Found a new favorite? Take a picture, and tag us on Facebook (@MoxBoardingHouseBellevue), Instagram (@moxboardinghouse), or Twitter (@MoxBoarding).

-See you at Mox