National Book Lover’s Day at Mox

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Although not an official holiday National Book Lover’s Day is an exciting celebration for all who love books and literature, including us, tabletop gamers. Word games, puzzles, and games based on popular literature are some of the most well knows games that exist, Scrabble anyone? From crossword puzzles to semantic word association games, here is a closer look at a few of the titles celebrating concepts linguistics and literary.

Paperback – Tim Fowers Games

Paperback is a deck building card game that puts you, the player, into the role of an author. A humorous take on the concept of being paid per word players use letter cards to make words, get paid, and acquire more powerful cards for their repertoire. These include the ability to draw more cards, or the ever elusive double letter score. There is also a delightful cooperative variant already included in the game.

Ex Libris – Renegade Game Studios

In this fantastical setting, you assume the role of a collector of rare books in a Gnomish village and are vying to become the Grand Librarian. This Mensa Select award winner has players using their assistants and strategic thinking to expand their libraries and race their opponents to the finest book sources. Ex Libris is designed for 1-4 players. Additionally, keep an eye out for another great Library themed game from Renegade Game Studios later this Autumn, ‘Atheneum Mystic Library’.

Letter Jam – Czech Games Edition

The winner of many Golden Geek Awards this is a cooperative word game for 2-6 players. Letter Jam uses a fun mechanic of being able to see everyone else’s cards, but not your own, making communication very interesting. In this game players give clues to each other, and work together, to make words with numbered tokens and the letters they can see. Use the tokens carefully though, you only have a limited number of clues to find out everyone’s letters and words.

Spell Smashers – Renegade Game Studios

Spell Smashers is a fantasy adventure game that uses the strength of your vocabulary to combine letter cards into words, but also to use those words as attacks against your ferocious foes. Players face off against leviathans, revenants, and even the occasional bugbear by strategically utilizing their hand of cards and equipment to complete quests and gain victory. Players can even tend to their wounds and kick back with a nice ale at the tavern between rounds.


Great for travel or a night in, Bananagrams is a crossword-style word game for 1-8 players. Multiple variants like Banana Smoothie and Banana Café make this a highly versatile and popular title. Each player works independently to build their own crossword faster than any of their opponents. The goal is to complete their grid by using up all of their tiles. A hand of the game can be as short as 5 minutes. 

Stop by Mox and pick up a game!

There are so many tabletop games based on storytelling, spelling, reading, and world building that is was difficult to choose just a few to highlight. At Mox Boarding House we are games for all ages and styles of gameplay, make sure to stop by and our staff will pair the perfect game to you. Our Publisher Spotlight this month is Gigamic, we’re offering 10% off all their titles this month. Don’t forget to check out the Honorable Mentions list below for some extra games that we love.

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Honorable Mentions:

Hardback, Big Book of Madness, Sign: A Game About Being Understood, Wordsy, Scrabble, Word Slam, Bring Your own Book, Marrying Mr. Darcy, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: A Board Game of English Magic, War of the Ring, Dune.