PubSpot August – Gigamic

Nelly Steiner Publisher Spotlight

As we move into August it is time for a new Publisher Spotlight! Drumroll please: It is Gigamic! Gigamic was established back in 1991 with their first game Quarto, a staple on our shelves even today. Their games are known for simple, easy to learn rules for games that play quickly. Perfect for people on the move, and families that don’t have time for complicated rules. The games are always designed to get you playing in no time. Here are some of our favorite board games that will be sold at a 10% discount this month.


In this game, each player assumes the role of a shipwreck survivor that has washed up on the shores of Hellapagos. This is a delightful survivor game that is cooperative until it is not. Everyone has to work together to survive, collect resources, build a raft, go exploring, and so on, but at some point, resources run low and someone must be sacrificed. Not only that but a storm is brewing. Can you escape before the hurricane comes?


In this silly and energetic card game players draw cards and follow the rules outlined on it. Red cards will indicate that you have to hold the card in a certain position, such as on your nose. Green cards indicate that the card will stay on the table, but a certain pose must be copied. If anyone is unable to fulfill the rules on the card, they are out. Let’s see everyone’s best interpretation of a pretzel!


This game is so fun, yet so simple!

– One Concept 
– 15 Straight Lines
– 30 Seconds

The main player selects a random word, they then have to convey that word to the rest of the group with only 15 straight lines, and 30 seconds within which to draw them. Its that simple!

Cosmic Factory

Cosmic Factory a fun and exciting game for up to 6 players and takes about 30 minutes to play. At the start of the round, you draft tiles and reveal the event card. Once the timer flips over you lay your tiles in such a way that scores you the most points. Once the timer runs out you must stop building your galaxies and see how many points you score that round.

Stay tuned on our social media platforms too (Facebook/Twitter), we’ll be running fun giveaways for copies of Cosmic Factory this month!

Stop by Mox and pick up a game!

Make sure to stop by Mox in August. We will have a display table highlighting our favorites, and all Gigamic titles will be 10% off all month. Don’t forget, you can play your new game in the restaurant, and relax with delicious food and a cold beer. See here to check out our last Publisher Spotlight.

-See you at Mox