Publisher Spotlight February: Breaking Games

Dee Chapleau Publisher Spotlight

Say hello to our Publisher Spotlight for February, Breaking Games! Breaking Games is the publishing arm of the American game manufacturing company, AdMagic. They pride themselves in working closely with game designers and developers to ensure that the final product is exactly what they want. They are hands-on through every step of the development process. Most of their games lean towards humorous party and social themes but are expanding their offerings to include more strategic titles into their catalog.

We’re Doomed

Designer: Mike Horton
Player Count: 4-10
Suggested Age: 13+

We’re Doomed is one of the best high player count games on the market. It was even listed by Smithsonian Magazine as a Top 10 Game of 2019. Players act as powerful world leaders fighting to build an escape rocket and evacuate the planet in only 15 minutes. This game is cooperative… until it’s not. There might not be room for everyone so players want to make sure they are influential enough to make it on board.

Rise of Tribes

Designer: Brad Brooks
Player Count: 2-4
Suggested Age: 10+

In Rise of Tribes players must spend their dice wisely to gather resources. Then spend those resources to grow their prehistoric tribes, gain tools, build their villages, and raid opponent’s villages. Though it only takes about an hour to play, Rise of Tribes delivers solid strategy and theme throughout.


Designer: Manny Vega
Player Count: 3-8
Suggested Age: 6+

The evil Queen Sparkle*Kitty has trapped a group of princesses (aka the players) in cursed towers. To free themselves from the dark forces players must discard their spell cards to a shared spellbook to tear down the tower walls. Combine sweet and simple words into tongue-twisting spell combinations. The first princess free wins!

The Mandela Effect Card Game

Designer: Greg Young
Player Count: 2-4
Suggested Age: 13+

How well do you remember history? The Mandela Effect card game puts each player’s memory to the test. Players exist in one of two timelines, remembering history in a specific way. Try to figure out which reality you’re currently in, while not revealing which one you’re from. Its small size makes it travel friendly, so get ready to introduce it to all of your friends!

It Dies with Me

Designer: Andy Breckman
Player Count: 4-6
Suggested Age: 13+

In It Dies With Me, someone at your table has a secret. In order to win, players race to be the first to uncover it. The secret can never be shared and is written on edible paper with a food coloring pen before being hidden in an envelope right in plain sight. When a player reaches their goal and uncovers the secret they eat the paper, ensuring that it dies with them.

Order of Invention

Player Count: 2-4
Suggested Age: 8+

Order of Invention is a fun game that is compact and great for gaming on the go. This 15-minute game can be a quick warmup to get the game night started, or an easy way to slip in some education when playing with the whole family. Do you remember what year the slinky came out? Or when color polaroid was invented? How about white-out? Players bid on the order of which came first. The player with the most points (correctly ordered inventions) wins!

Circular Reasoning: The Well of Power

Designer: Tomer Braff, Edward Stevenson
Player Count: 2-4
Suggested Age: 12+

Circular Reasoning is an abstract strategy game that is perfect for the gamer who loves puzzles and strategic thinking. The board state is constantly shifting, so the player’s path must as well. Your opponent’s actions will affect your options, requiring you to make predictions and work around obstacles. Get to the center first and win!

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