Publisher Spotlight January – Czech Games Edition
  • Jan 2nd 2020
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

Publisher Spotlight January – Czech Games Edition

It’s a new year and we are so ready for 2020! Let’s kick this year off with an epic publisher, Czech Games Edition (CGE). CGE was first founded in 2007 and hit the market with the popular title Galaxy Trucker. Since then they have released some of our favorite games including Codenames and Through the Ages. To date, their inventory of games includes over 40 titles.

Titles to check out next time you visit

Through the Ages

Through the Ages (2-4 Players)

This second edition of Through the Ages has been in the Top 10 overall games on BoardGameGeek since it’s release. A civilization-building game with a high depth of strategy and replayability. Played over multiple rounds called eras, victory goes to the player with the most culture at the end of the game.


Codenames (2-8 Players)

The best selling party game with some of the simplest rules imaginable. Codenames is a powerhouse word association game that can be played in many different variations as proven by the many different Intellectual Properties that have added to the version count of the game. Now including The Simpsons! (Thanks Disney/Fox merger!)


Trapwords (4-8 Players)

In this game, players take the role of fantasy adventurers crawling through a dungeon of traps. It’s a Taboo style game of trying to trick your opponents into using words they shouldn’t while not knowing what words you shouldn’t use.

What’s in store for you this month?

All month we will be offering 10% off all CGE titles as part of our Publisher Spotlight program. Our expert staff can help you get started and demo CGE games from our game library for you.

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