Publisher Spotlight January: Pandasaurus
  • Jan 2nd 2021
  • Posted by NELLY STEINER

Publisher Spotlight January: Pandasaurus

We are excited to announce our Publisher Spotlight for January, Pandasaurus! Pandasaurus was established in 2012 with their first game Tammany Hall. Their games focus on creating immersive experiences that connect people and are known for groundbreaking designs, innovations, and incredible art direction. Here are some of our favorite Pandasaurus board games that will be sold at a 10% discount this month.


Designer: Rob Newton
Player Count: 1-4
Suggested Age: 10+

The world’s first flick-and-write! Dexterity and puzzling strategies meet in this newer release from Pandasaurus. Players flick disks on a board representative of the vibrant landscape of the Sonoran Desert. Each area of the board has its own unique inner game, offering different ways to score. Players must be skillful with their flicks to score the points they want and can even bump other player’s pieces around the board.

The Game

Designer: Steffen Benndorf
Player Count: 1-5
Suggested Age: 8+

In this hidden information cooperative card game players must work together to discard all 98 cards in the deck into 4 piles. The catch is that players cannot reveal the exact cards in their hands, but they can make suggestions and hints. The Game was nominated for multiple awards including 2015 Spiel des Jahres and BGG’s Golden Geek Best Card Game. (Also comes in The Game: Quick and Easy flavor)

The Mind

Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Player Count: 2-4
Suggested Age: 8+

Much like The Game, this communication limited cooperative card game received many accolades and awards when it was released in 2018. Players CANNOT COMMUNICATE IN ANY WAY as they try to go through 8 levels of difficulty in the game. Starting with 1 card each, each level adds additional cards that need to be discarded in ascending order. Each player starts with as many lives as there are players. If you lose all your lives you lose the game! (also comes in The Mind Extreme flavor)

Gods Love Dinosaurs

Designer: Kasper Lapp
Player Count: 2-5
Suggested Age: 10+

Gods love Dinosaurs is a drafting tile placement game in which each player builds upon their ecosystem. Each turn players add more animals which draws the attention of the hungry dinosaurs! Every so often the dinosaurs will tromp around your ecosystem eating all the animals. The more animals the dinosaurs eat, the more eggs they lay, and the more points you score! Players have to balance keeping their ecosystems going and keeping the dinosaurs alive in order to win with the most points.

Machi Koro

Designer: Masao Suganuma
Player Count: 2-4(5 with expansion)
Suggested Age: 10+

Machi Koro hit the industry by storm when it released in 2015. It was nominated for multiple awards including Spiel Des Jahres. This is a dice rolling drafting game where players compete to build the best city by purchasing location cards from a tableau and adding them to their city. Players must keep track of every turn because they might gain resources even when they are not rolling the dice.


Designer: Reinhard Staupe
Player Count: 2-6
Suggested Age: 5+

A 2020 Kinderspiel Des Jahres nominee, Robots is a game of time and speed. Players have to work together (or separately!) to figure out what speed the robot goes. Slow, Normal, and Fast are the robot’s speed options and players use interesting hints to guess how for it will get around the track in 4 seconds.

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Make sure to stop by Mox this in January. We have a display table highlighting our favorites, and all Pandasaurus titles will be 10% off all month. Check out our virtual events here.

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