Publisher Spotlight November: Blue Orange Games

Nelly Steiner Mox Spotlight

Halloween just passed us by, and we are sad to leave costumes and pumpkins behind us. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Our Publisher Spotlight this month will make sure of that. Blue Orange Games makes some of the most creative, exciting games for all ages, and we are dedicating all of November to their amazing creations.

Blue Orange Games was founded in 1999 in San Fransico, CA, with a commitment to making timeless memories around games but also producing components and art to an incredibly high standard. Their games are always easy to pick up, fun to play and great for any age. Games such as Dr. Eureka allow kids and adults to compete without oversimplifying the gameplay. This helps build essential skills such as math, logic, forward-thinking, and dexterity. Some of their most exciting titles include Kingdomino, Planet, and Battle Sheep.

“We make sure each and every game is easy to learn, fun to play, and engaging for all- it’s our not-so-secret formula to success!” – Blue Orange Games

What’s in store for you this month?

All month we will be offering 10% off all Blue Orange products as part of our Publisher Spotlight program. Make sure to join us at Mox Bellevue on November 8th and Mox Seattle on November 23rd for a fun Blue Orange game day and to get some sweet swag. Our expert staff can help you get started and demo Blue Orange games from our game library for you.

– See you at Mox