Women in Magic

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In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Mox Boarding House will be hosting a Women in Magic panel. In the spirit of the holiday, we want to recognize the achievements of Women in the Magic: The Gathering community by talking to some incredible women, including Michelle Rapp, co-host of The Loregoyfs podcast, and Tifa Robles, the founder of the Lady Planeswalkers Society.

The panel will include in-depth discussions about being a woman in the Magic community and a Q&A with the audience. After the panel, there will be a casual open play. So bring your cards and your questions!

When: Thursday, March 8th, @6pm

Where: Tournament Room, Mox Boarding House Bellevue

We hope to see you there!


Thea Miller

Thea is a former public speaking instructor and freelance content creator who has been playing Magic since Shards of Alara block. The formats she enjoys most are draft, modern, and commander. Her most recent (and perhaps best known) work is the TCGPlayer article Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts.


Hallie Santo

Hallie is the Community and Content Manager for CardKingdom.com. Prior to joining our team, she co-hosted The Girlfriend Bracket podcast and worked as a freelance tournament coverage reporter for Wizards of the Coast.


Michelle Rapp

Michelle is a co-host of The Loregoyfs podcast and a contributor at Tolarian Community College. She’s an inveterate Vorthos and regularly contributes columns on Magic’s storyline to the Card Kingdom Blog.


Tifa Robles

Tifa is the founder and organizer of The Lady Planeswalkers Society, an organization that creates welcoming playgroups for Magic players of all genders. She regularly teaches Magic with The Lady Planeswalkers Society at conventions and has appeared on numerous panels on inclusivity in gaming. Tifa has worked in the gaming industry for over 8 years.


Terra Clarke Olsen

Terra is the head of marketing for Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House.