2018 Mox Holiday Gift Guide

Nelly Steiner Holiday

Its that time again, already! Our favorite time of the year, where we get to sit back with family, friends, a good board game, and a hot chocolate.

This is also the time of year for last minute gift shopping, did someone plan a last minute White Elephant party you weren’t quite prepared for? Do not fret, we are here for you to take the stress out of holiday shopping. We have games and unique items for everyone on your shopping list, from the veteran gamer, to that friend who just really likes Pokemon. Not sure where to start? This little guide should help you get going, but please visit our stores in Seattle and Bellevue and our friendly Mox associates will help you find that perfect gift for your loved one.

And this year we are even extending our hours right before the holidays to help you find the time to buy. Stop in any time between 9am-midnight starting Dec 15th and on Saturday and Sunday to enjoy our weekend-only brunch menu and fuel up before you shop. Monday, December 24th, we will be open from 9am-3pm for any last minute shopping.

Stocking Stuffers

Need something to pad out that stocking? How about a nerdy twist this year.

  1. Pokémon | 2 Players | 30 minutes | 7+ | Ever wanted to battle your favorite Pokémon against your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you catch them all!
  2. Fate |2+ Players | 4 hours | 10+ | This is the perfect gift for your friend who just got into Dungeons and Dragons. A new system to try.
  3. Hanabi | 2-5 Players | 25 minutes | 8+ | All the display’s fireworks are mixed up! Can you communicate well enough with your team to put them back in order?
  4. Sleeping Queens | 2-5 Players | 10 minutes |7+| All the Queens have fallen asleep, can you wake them up? Fun card game for the whole family.
  5. Boss Monster | 2-4 Players | 20 min | 13+ | Tables have turned and you are the boss monster at the end of the side scrolling dungeon. Take out those adventurers!

Children Under 7 Years Old

We have so many great games for this category, but to help you out we have picked a few of our favorites for you.

  1. Happy Bunny | 1-4 Players| 15 min | 3+ | Harvest all the best carrots in this game.
  2. Shaky Manor | 2-4 Players | 20 mins | 6+| Shake the Manor to get through the building and break the curse.
  3. Spot It | 2-8 Players | 15 min | 7+ | Can you spot the matching symbol on the cards before anyone else?
  4. Animal Upon Animal | 2-4 Players| 15 minutes | 4+ | Try to stack up all the animals and spin them without toppling it over, can you make the animal sounds?

Children Over 7 Years Old

This can be a tricky age to pick a game for, they are growing out of the younger kids games, but are still not quite ready for adult level games. Not to worry, we have some really great games for this age group.

  1. Ticket to Ride | 2-5 Players |30-60 minutes | 8+ | A classic, this game is fun for the whole family.
  2. Timeline | 2-8 players | 15 mins | 8+| Can you arrange all these historical events in timeline order in this fun and educational game.
  3. Battle Sheep | 2-4 Players | 20 mins | 7+ | Try to get your sheep to control more pasture than the others by strategically cutting them off.

White Elephant

Not quite sure who you are buying for? Need to make sure that your gift is a hit no matter who receives it, and still needs to be in a tight budget? This category is for you.

  1. Codenames – Harry Potter | 2 Players | 25 min | 11+ | Can you guess your partners clues correctly before Lord Voldemort is summoned?
  2. Catch The Moon | 2-6 Players | 20 mins | 6+ | This is a stunning game of dreams and ladders.
  3. Hive Pocket | 2 Players | 20 mins | 9+ | A game of high strategy that can be played in almost any surface! Protect your queen.
  4. Superfight | 3-10 Players | 30 mins | 7+ | This is the classic game of who would win in a fight, except you get to make up the heroes and villains that will fight eachother.

Light Games

Want to introduce a friend to board games? Or maybe want to get a game for everyone in the family to play during the holidays? Here are some of the best games this season.

  1. Dixit  | 3-6 Players | 30 minutes | 6+ | Absolutely beautiful art in this word association game.
  2. Dinosaur Tea Party | 3-5 Players | 30 mins | 7+ | This is the new Guess Who, except everyone is a different dinosaur and people try to guess which one.
  3. Forbidden Sky | 2-5 Players | 60 mins | 10+ | This is the latest game in the “Forbidden” series. Can you all make it back to the rocket ship and escape before bring struck by lightning?
  4. Werewolf Legacy | 8-16 Players | 60 mins | 13+ | Play as part of Team Villagers or Team Werewolves in this new legacy version of the classic Werewolf game.

Complex Games

These are gifts for the gamer in your life that is ready to take the plunge into heavier games. We have a huge range of these games and our friendly staff can help you to pick the right game for the right person. But here are some of our favorites.

  1. Scythe | 1-5 Players | 120 mins | 14+ | This is a game with a lot of pieces, a great theme and uses board control and resource management as its main mechanics.
  2. Coimbra | 2-4 Players | 90 minutes | 14+ | Set in old Portugal, via for the favors of the cities most influential citizens, expeditions and monasteries.
  3. Founders of Gloomhaven | 1-4 Players | 120 mins | 12+ | Can’t get enough of Gloomhaven? Here is more, enjoy playing this time/action selecting city building game based in Gloomhaven.

We could go on and on and on, but these are our top picks! Hopefully we have inspired you with some ideas, but if you are still stumped come see us at Mox and we will find the ideal game for you. To make life even easier for you we have a gift wrapping station at the store, so no need to hide the gifts.

We at Mox wish you the happiest of holidays!